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No sunset, but …

… an hour or so after that evening cloudburst, this oddly creased cloud formation turned up in the eastern sky (view from Westwood). Can’t find any clue as to its meteorological backstory.


On again, now off again

June 3, 2007 7:49 pm
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Just 3 weeks ago, we mentioned it looked like Seattle Music Fest at Alki would return this year; its website indicated dates were set. Now (thanks to reader e-mail for the tip), it’s suddenly off again (though the SMF website insists dates are set for 2008). However, fans of live outdoor music should still get a treat during Summer Fest in The Junction in mid-July (in fact, tomorrow is when they’re supposed to start notifying acts accepted for the festival).

Another big condo conversion, plus apartments 4 sale

If you haven’t checked out the comments on our post below – note that readers have revealed a brand-new, huge condo conversion in the works at the Graham Street Apartments just north of Morgan Junction, on the southeast corner of Cali/Graham. As first posted by Sue, here’s the property sale record (almost $9 million) finalized just a few days ago; here’s the condo conversion application noted on the city site.

Meantime, for those joining us in keeping track, here are a few of the other “multifamily” buildings currently listed for sale in WS, with links to the listings:

West Aires, 6001 Cali, $2.2 million

Riviera West, 7100 Cali, listed as “pending,” with “condo declarations in place,” $1.9 million (next to SeventyOne)

Apartment/commercial building on Cali, south edge of The Junction, (with some units described as “condo quality”), $1.3 million

5000 Fauntleroy, “pending,” $1.2 million

Teardown-to-townhomes: Who gets the boot

We usually find out about impending teardowns-to-townhomes by watching the city permit process. Today, though, we’ve got one that came to our attention from the people who are getting the boot before the backhoe shows up: the current renters of a doomed brick duplex along Fauntleroy, a couple who moved here from back east last year, and like so many of us, fell madly in love with WS. They aren’t ready to buy; one of them is in grad school. But now they’re on notice they’ve got to be out by the end of this month. There’s one instructive thing about their story; first, here’s a photo they kindly sent of their soon-to-be-ex-duplex …


The tenants note in their e-mail to us: “We rent through a property management company and didn’t know, till now, who the owner was — it’s Soleil Development.” (Which has other WS projects, including this one.) We checked property records for their address; Soleil technically didn’t take ownership till last winter, after these tenants moved in; but before their arrival last August, it was purchased last June by Dan Duffus, Soleil’s owner. So perhaps it would be worthwhile for would-be renters to use this site to check who owns their prospective new home; if it’s a development company, or someone you can easily see in search engines is linked to one, know you might not live there for long.

Lucky (sun)break

What a surprise to wake up to sunshine. Honestly, when we filed the post below, late last night, this page insisted we’d wake up to clouds and showers. Now it says “mostly sunny” all day. Glad they were wrong!