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Sight in the sky

Been away from the inbox for several hours; seems we missed something startling in the WS sky this evening — at least a dozen people have written to ask what was up with the chopper activity. We’ve seen military aircraft around here before — after all, we have beaucoup bases nearby — but this must have been truly out of the ordinary, given the mail barrage. We’ll see what we can find out; if anyone out there in WSB-land is a military insider or called authorities to ask and actually got an answer, please leave a comment. (UPDATE: One commenter says it was part of the Mariners’ military-salute promotion.)

Early alert for weekend family fun

April 3, 2007 4:09 pm
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This isn’t happening till Saturday, but you need to pre-register, and organizers say space is limited, so here’s an early alert: People for Puget Sound is kicking off a kids’ art contest with a “beach treasure hunt” and low-tide walk at Lincoln Park this Saturday afternoon. Go here to find out more (including contact info for signing up).

First the bear, then the owl, now …

More “public art,” according to a reader tip. We won’t get to check this out for ourselves for a while so we’ll take the liberty of quoting the reader, who reports the sighting from a bus ride over The Bridge:

This morning I had no choice but to crack a grin as I spotted a herd of crouching Groucho Marxes in the woods of Pigeon Point. They can be seen from the eastbound lanes of the West Seattle Bridge and are tucked into the woods maybe a couple hundred meters after the merge.


Remember the monorail?

Somehow missed this till a reader tip … Sound Transit will study the possibility of a light-rail extension between West Seattle and Ballard. Maybe even Burien.

The high cost of owning

The new High Point gets a mention in this article today about the high cost of homeownership (condos included) within city limits.

A sight to see

April 1, 2007 4:09 pm
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Fauntleroy Creek (across from the ferry dock) is worth a visit sometime soon if it’s not someplace you regularly visit. Not only is salmon season revving up, it’s also the annual blooming time for the official favorite flower of WSB, Darwin’s barberry, which comprises an entire hedge at the creek overlook but still hasn’t caught on as a garden plant (aside from a spray on Genesee Hill, one along Beach Drive, and one along Fauntleroy; let us know if you’ve seen others).


As Mars Hill prepares today for its first services at the ex-Doxa location on 35th, seems it’s not the only local church coping with parking challenges. Just north of The Junction, West Side Presbyterian Church has posted a detailed “parking possibilities” plan, made necessary by the Cali Ave repave-o-rama.