day : 11/04/2007 4 results

Sticker shock

On recent walks through The Junction and along stretches of WS waterfront parkland, we’ve noticed an increase in one of the newer variations of tagging vandalism — sticker tagging. Somewhat satisfyingly, you can take direct action against this if you so choose, unlike painted tagging (unless you happen to routinely carry paint remover with you at all times). We did just that with most of the stickers we passed; peel, crumple, toss.

Theatrical touchup

Wandering through the Admiral District this morning, we spotted West Seattle’s Only Moviehouse in the process of getting a paint job (note the primer above the marquee):


One day only at the …

… no, not Bon Marche (does that old jingle still ring in your head? does in ours) but rather, Thriftway. Our curiosity was piqued by a checkstand sign at Morgan Junction Thriftway saying “13-Hour Sale” this Friday (the 13th, of course), 8 am-9 pm. The checker told us to check the forthcoming flyer; it’s online now, with the “13-Hour Sale” items on the last three pages. Nothing looks really outrageously deal-riffic to us, except maybe the 88-cent bread, but judge for yourself.

Equal time

Lest anyone think we only mention Christian churches here at WSB … let’s meander over to the other side of the faith field. You might not know WS has a thriving Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. It’s not in its own building, but it’s apparently grown plenty since we dropped in on a then-living-room-size gathering loooooong ago (triple-digit attendance these days). And in a week and a half, on 4/21, its members are throwing a bash to which they’re inviting the entire community: a Hungarian Gala, with a Hungarian feast plus entertainment by the Kisbetyarok Hungarian Family Dancers. If you’re interested, call 932-2731 as soon as you can to ask about tickets (they hope to get something of a headcount ahead of time); proceeds, by the way, go to the village of Torockoszentgyorgy in Transylvania, Romania.