Never mind Cali – here’s an SDOT project with immediate impact

Just spotted this as we drove home from a produce trip to Tony’s: SDOT is putting up left-turn signals on 35th at Thistle. If you’ve never tried to make that turn (in either direction), you’ve never enjoyed the death-defying thrills of cars relentlessly racing toward you at what seems like freeway speed. This should save some lives, from reduced stress as well as reduced collision rate:


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  • Hoobaline March 20, 2007 (12:48 pm)

    I make that turn with some regularity and haven’t had a lot of trouble, but then I am pretty cautious. I can see this making things safer, if only to slow traffic down a little more.

  • Chet Desmond March 20, 2007 (12:50 pm)


  • nbp March 20, 2007 (1:02 pm)

    !! nice.

  • dave March 20, 2007 (1:08 pm)

    I was really glad to see that this morning as well on my way to work.

    Is asking for a camera to photograph the folks on 35th who speed through the intersection after the light has changed too much progress?

  • westwood March 20, 2007 (3:21 pm)

    I live nearby and get off the bus here. The turn signals are fine, but I have a different pet peeve at this intersection. Cars come down the hill on Thistle heading east. They stop at the light, with many of them wishing to turn right onto 35th going south.

    When the light turns green, many cars assume they can turn and do so without looking to see if any pedestrians are crossing. Several times I have had to put my hand on a car turning right in front of me. If you read this blog and are a guilty party, please slow down and look before you turn.

  • Admiral Janeway March 20, 2007 (6:04 pm)

    I noticed it last Sunday. Finally. I hope it’s activated soon. Good reminder, westwood.

  • Amanda March 21, 2007 (8:22 am)

    Finally, you take your life in your own hands trying to turn at this light!

  • Keri March 21, 2007 (10:23 pm)

    sorry, off the subject — I’m sort of new to town — what is Tony’s? A good place for produce?


  • Administrator March 21, 2007 (11:15 pm)

    Tony’s is a no-frills produce market in a quonset hut-shaped structure at 35th and Barton. Incredible prices, good quality, good selection (unless you’re looking for extremely exotic stuff or lots of organics).

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