day : 06/03/2007 4 results

New scoop on what’s going into the ex-flower shop

Just got details on the restaurant in the works for the ex-Neilsen Flowers space at the north edge of The Junction. Its proprietor says it’s been a long slog to get some necessary city approvals (note permit just issued, six months after application!), but they’re finally making progress. It’ll be a 21-and-up restaurant and bar, called “Shadowland” (a change from the original plan, and a reference to a biography of West Seattle’s troubled movie legend Frances Farmer). They’re hoping to be open by summer.

Just doesn’t seem like the right phrase

“Open House,” sure, but “Grand Opening” for a mini-cluster of new $400K townhomes (Fauntleroy & Findlay)? Struck us funny, or maybe we’re just giddy from sunshine.


2 big events this Thursday night

#1, second Thursday of the month means Junction Art Walk night. Haven’t received the full lineup from the fine folks at Divina yet, but got a heads-up from participating WS artist Kelly Rae Cunningham, who says she’ll have collage work @ Clementine.

#2, wondering what’s up with Fauntleroy Place? Will Schuck’s/Hancock ever come down, so Whole Foods etc. can go up? Next stage in the process is the Southwest Design Review Board meeting Thursday, 6:30 pm @ the Southwest Precinct. (We can’t go but would love postable notes — we’ll give you a byline if you want — from anyone who can.)

Pointlessness at the Polls, T minus 1 week

Four state legislators (including our West Seattle rep) say, even before the votes are counted, it’s time to revisit The Third Option.

In the transcript of his online Q-n-A session, lame-duck Councilmember Peter S says no/no will “send (politicians) a message” — but then in the next breath says he’ll ignore the vote results if they turn out “yes elevated.”

-The Muni League says voting no/no isn’t enough — vote blank/blank.

-Dylan says, don’t even vote.

Blue-Eyed Buddhist ‘fesses up to a yes tunnel/no elevated vote.