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From the Death Star Trench file

Kinda like that nickname for the upward development along Cali. Or maybe we’re just hopeless SW geeks. Anyway — today’s developer development: Houses going down, more townhomes going up, on the north end, on a lot sold to Omni for a cool $1.8 mil last spring.

But is it pro-tunnel, pro-rebuild, or …

February 28, 2007 7:55 pm
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Under The Viaduct, WSB reader Lillie found this wolf, clearly cousin to the owl and bear beneath The Bridge, perhaps howling in anger at the vote that’s wasting $1 million?


No flakes yet

At least at our house … though Everett, Snoqualmie Pass, and other areas are getting snow-blasted. Let us know if you see WS snow!

Give a little, get a lot

It’s school $-raising season, and the parents at Madison Middle School asked us to share this request: Donate to their upcoming auction. They’re looking for new items, open to just about anything — art, gift baskets, sports souvenirs, you name it. If you don’t have schoolkids in your family, you may not realize how important these annual fundraisers are — a couple WS elementary schools, for example, are raising $ to fix deteriorating playgrounds. To offer an item (or find out about auction tickets), click here to e-mail the Madison auction chairperson, who also explains where the $ will go:

The auction benefits the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) programs and this year’s fund a wish item is a message board much like the one in front of West Seattle High School which will help to communicate to the parents/community the events at the school as well as important messages that somehow seem to get lost in a pre-teenager’s backpack!!!

Pointlessness at the Polls, T minus 13 days

-City Council member Peter Steinbrueck says he’ll leave the council when his term expires this fall, to focus on The Third Option.

-His current council colleague Nick Licata, who’s pro-rebuild, answers questions on the Seattle Times website from noon-1 pm today. You can send yours now. (If you missed it, here’s the transcript of Hizzoner’s lunchtime online Q-n-A from yesterday. Even just the photo of him at the keyboard is worth the click.)

-No surprise, this ballot of too many options, yet too few, is apparently confusing people. (Can’t say we didn’t warn ’em.)

Non-viaduct vote update

As of this writing, we’re a bit behind in the Metroblogging Seattle popularity poll, which closes this round tomorrow. Boo! Please vote again today. Show ’em the West Side rules.