Pointlessness at the Polls, T minus 13 days

-City Council member Peter Steinbrueck says he’ll leave the council when his term expires this fall, to focus on The Third Option.

-His current council colleague Nick Licata, who’s pro-rebuild, answers questions on the Seattle Times website from noon-1 pm today. You can send yours now. (If you missed it, here’s the transcript of Hizzoner’s lunchtime online Q-n-A from yesterday. Even just the photo of him at the keyboard is worth the click.)

-No surprise, this ballot of too many options, yet too few, is apparently confusing people. (Can’t say we didn’t warn ’em.)

3 Replies to "Pointlessness at the Polls, T minus 13 days"

  • jj February 28, 2007 (1:27 pm)

    One thought, Mayorial Whonickels has put the national spot on himself for global warming.
    In his support for the tunnel has he considered sea rise to the extent he and his advocates are supporting and that by 2050 the tunnel will be underwater??
    Raised structure anyone???

  • Forest February 28, 2007 (2:25 pm)

    For me, the best tunnel critique at last night’s West Seattle viaduct meeting came from a woman concerned about the proposed tunnels ventilation system. A city rep had claimed that tunnels were the safest place to be in earthquakes,though I supect that would mostly apply to silo tunnels in granite mountains, not 13-block-long tunnels in fill dirt next to a bay.

    The audience member responded that the proposed tunnel’s mechanical ventilation systems would likely get broken in a large quake and drivers in the tunnel would be dead from carbon monoxide poisoning before the broken ventilation could be emergency repaired.

    I hope that woman’s comment gets reported in next week’s Herald.

  • Danno February 28, 2007 (4:46 pm)

    Note that a couple of plates of food are clearly within the Mayor’s reach while he pecks away. I am sure that is standard for him at all times….

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