State of the sinkhole

The wires have been spliced, the trees have been removed, but the Upper Fauntleroy sinkhole lingers. Two weeks ago, we wrote the city DOT to ask about its fate. After twelve days, a sort of reply came – from someone at SDOT who wrote, “I was told … you should contact (name) at Seattle Public Utilities. By way of this e-mail, I am forwarding your concerns to (name).” Mr. (name), who was cc’d, has yet to weigh in. (And why is this his project — the neighboring stairway, out of commission because of all this, is an SDOT responsibility.) Meantime, the sinkhole gapes, beyond just the barest of cordoning:


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  • Mike January 7, 2007 (8:58 am)

    I recall the newspaper articles describing the owner of an abutting piece of private property next to the sinkhole as having a refreshing sense of belief in SDOT and other city departments. Sadly, it sounds as if the whole affair has entered into the maze of SDOT and SPU which can lead one down a path of incredible frustration.

    Clearly there are great people working for both SDOT and SPU. However, from my past experiences, the amount of ‘work’ that a citizen must do to get SDOT and SPU to take responsibility for the public property and infrastructure that is entrusted to their care is staggering.

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