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Somebody else finally noticed …

January 7, 2007 10:55 pm
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 |   December 2006 windstorm | West Seattle politics

… that West Seattle’s Most Famous Politician was invisible during our long post-windstorm days of powerlessness. This column in tomorrow’s P-I hits that important point (before meandering off into a viaduct detour).

The holidays are truly over

January 7, 2007 6:00 pm
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 |   Holidays

During lunch today @ Duke’s, suddenly the decorations came down before our eyes (and those of everyone else dining at the time). Strange to have the staff do it at a relatively busy time, instead of before opening or after closing; when they started reaching up between the tables to peel away the light-embedded garlands, we wondered if we would wind up with greenery in our chowder. No moss growing on the next holiday, though; Westwood Village Rite-Aid was unboxing the Valentine’s stuff as of a few nights ago.

Renaming a road

Fauntle-Rut Way. Left side of left lane, southbound, between Junctions. Ouch.

Headed for the eye of the storm(-related outages)

January 7, 2007 8:45 am
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 |   December 2006 windstorm | West Seattle politics | West Seattle weather

West-Seattle-based County Councilguy, Dow Constantine, promised two weeks ago to look into why WS had so much power trouble because of stormy weather. Looks like he’s keeping that promise. In fact, the entire King County Council will hit the road for Fauntleroy in early February. (By then, we fear, we will need an “outage diary” to keep track of everything that’s happened. At this moment, in fact, we are under 3 separate special weather alerts!)

State of the sinkhole

The wires have been spliced, the trees have been removed, but the Upper Fauntleroy sinkhole lingers. Two weeks ago, we wrote the city DOT to ask about its fate. After twelve days, a sort of reply came – from someone at SDOT who wrote, “I was told … you should contact (name) at Seattle Public Utilities. By way of this e-mail, I am forwarding your concerns to (name).” Mr. (name), who was cc’d, has yet to weigh in. (And why is this his project — the neighboring stairway, out of commission because of all this, is an SDOT responsibility.) Meantime, the sinkhole gapes, beyond just the barest of cordoning: