How low did it go?

Checking the Weather Service’s “hourly observations” for each hour back through last night, looks like the low was 22 (closest measuring station to us is Boeing Field), 2 am. Up here in the iced-over hilltops of south West Seattle, we’re ready to see it melt. One of us is now laughing riotously about having been excited many years ago, as a child, to see frost on rooftops when the temps dipped unusually low — 40s!!!! — in the warm, sunny hometown. Oh well. Time to go see if we can make it down the hill for a latte without turning into a tv news clip.

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  • Josh January 13, 2007 (9:45 am)

    There are two “weatherbugs” in West Seattle that connect to the King 5 network and report back local temps, conditions. You can find the Our Lady of Guadalupe weather reports at – that’s the highest point inthe city, at 35th & Myrtle. According to that station, temp got down to 21.6 overnight.
    The other one is at ExplorerWest, down off Roxbury and 30th.

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