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Rat on that rut

Or, in other words, report (your favorite) pothole. Here’s how.

Clean sweep

January 31, 2007 5:26 pm
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 |   Transportation | West Seattle weather

West Seattle Blogger Spouse reports street sweepers working Cali Ave much of the day, apparently tackling the sand from Snowpocalypse ’07. Glad to hear it, having recently been caught in clouds of dust kicked up by hill-climbing buses traveling over the street-side sandpiles!

Open space in JuNo

If we can have NoMo and SOA, why not JuNo — north of The Junction? Anyway, an e-mail tip alerted us to empty storefronts we hadn’t previously noted. Emerald City Locksmith is gone, but window postings promise they’ll unlock a new location on Harbor Ave in March; Fringe salon is just plain gone, with FOR LEASE signs outside the space (which has had other names), as well as a land-use alert (townhouses, of course) dating back to last August.

Maybe they should just put us on payroll

January 31, 2007 5:50 am
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 |   Development | West Seattle housing | West Seattle news

One day after the Tempest in a Pizza Box, the P-I’s got another story that appears ripped from the pages of West Seattle Blog (but with a few new details, such as, who’s trying to buy, and build on, that big front yard).