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Buried branches

Even more than the snow on the road, the sidewalk, the parked cars … the snow on branches is one of the loveliest sights. (See photo below; Comcast was doing its slowdown thing again, so it took us a while to upload.) If you’re natives of warmer climes, as we are, this is always still so fresh and new — get out and take a walk — who knows what it’ll look like tomorrow! (Speaking of which, as of 10:05 pm, no word from Seattle Public Schools on whether they’ll call a “snow day” for tomorrow; you can keep checking their home page, though if they haven’t decided by now, they might not make the call till after 4 am or so.)


Winter wonderland, and all that

Most snow we’ve seen up here in a few years. The accumulation on fencetops and so forth looks like about two inches. How about where you are? (We know this is serious — just spotted a snowplow south of M-Junction on Cali Ave.)

Empty again

Alki-based Metroblogging Seattle contributor C Ro posts today that the Casa Feliz Mexican restaurant at the beach appears to have folded. That space has had so much turnover, we can barely remember what was there before — wasn’t there a Cuban restaurant in the space for a while, or was that upstairs?

No snow day

January 10, 2007 7:46 am
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 |   West Seattle schools

If you haven’t already heard, Seattle Public Schools are open for business as usual today, says their website.

Ferry domino effect

We don’t talk much about the Fauntleroy ferry terminal here at WSB, but probably should, given that it brings hundreds if not thousands of people into (or at least through) West Seattle each day. There’s news today — some of its users might have to wait a bit longer for the next week or so because its biggest ferry had to be moved to another route, in a domino effect after a problem with one of the ferries on the Bainbridge route. (And we happened onto an unusual first-person account of how that problem happened.)