The unplugged chronicles, later Sun nite

Now at Caffe Ladro, closer to our outage zone, and it’s the only thing anyone in the place seems to be discussing. Meantime, in the 8 or so hours since we bought our wi-fi card, we’ve learned more about WS wi-fi than we ever expected to learn. Such as … wi-fi at Starbucks costs $ (you have to pay T-Mobile); just about everywhere else (Tully’s, Uptown, CL), it’s free, but look closely if you need to plug into an outlet … Carosello up on 35th, for example, has free wi-fi, but no plugs.

What else we have learned tonight: The radio stirred up a controversy over how fast crews are working to plug us back in. Some Seattle City Light crew members allegedly called this blogger turned talk-show host to say they were supposedly being sent home too soon. Then the top dog of SCL himself called in to refute it. He did say most crews would be resting midnight-7 tonight, before embarking on another 17-hour day. (Online, SCL has just posted an update time-stamped 10 pm tonight, even though it was only 9:21 pm when we checked it.)

Also on the radio … a lady from King County Public Health, who reminded us about the dangers of carbon monoxide, and also confirmed that pretty much everything in our fridge was toast by midday Friday. Sigh.

As for what else we’ve seen re: dark zones tonight: On the north side of the Beach Drive tree blockage, not much has changed since last night. Along Beach itself, everything is fine until Me-Kwa-Mooks, then it’s out till just past Beach Drive Terrace (including everything up along Jacobsen Road). Then from BD Terrace, all is warm and bright including the Menashe light display; right after that, it goes dark again, up till The Tree.

We also saw a few powerless pockets on Delridge, one around a dark stoplight at Brandon, and another area near Home Depot (though HD itself seems back to normal).

If you left home because of the outage and are wondering whether you’ve got juice again, e-mail us and we’ll be happy to look after dusk tomorrow. As for tonight, we’re headed back home to rally ’round the fireplace. Glad we insisted on one when we bought our old but sturdy house so long ago. Stay safe!

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  • The House December 17, 2006 (11:40 pm)

    I’ve told you at least two times to check out Sprint for high speed Internet (EVDO). Wi-Fi is beling replaced by other technologies. You no longer need to find a “Hot Spot” to get wireless Internet and EVDO is faster.

    If you’re interested, e-mail me at and I’ll give you details.

    I had Internet access while the power was out at my house until my laptop ran out of juice.

  • B Noonan December 18, 2006 (7:38 am)

    Thank you!!! I personally have appreciated hearing any news.


  • Gina December 18, 2006 (8:42 am)

    There is also free wi-fi service at many Seattle Public Libraries, internet should be working again after a power surge damaged computer hardware. Power is back at all Seattle Public Libraries, with the exception of the Columbia Libray, which has a broken boiler and no heat, so it is closed until repairs can be done. gives more info.

  • JB December 18, 2006 (9:01 am)

    Warm and cozy at a downtown hotel, but would MUCH rather be at home. As bad as this is, I guess it could be much much worse. It feels like City Light moves very very slow — perhaps if we had better updates than the extremely VAGUE and pretty worthless information they share (how do they get away with that?), I’d feel like progress was being made. Fridge and freezer are a total loss – left lots of presents for the garbage man this morning. Oh well. All I want for christmas is a hunk of cheese in my stocking.

  • Lauren December 18, 2006 (2:20 pm)

    I’ve been spending a lot of time at C & P Coffee on California (across from Guadalajara). They have free wi-fi, good coffee, and are dog-friendly. C&P and Beveridge Place, my new homes. We haven’t had power since Thursday night (I’m on Willow, close to the tree fall that closed down Fauntleroy), and the house was 41 degrees this morning. SO over this.

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