Monday night miscellaneous mentions

-Last power update for the night: The pocket just west of Westwood Village is back on. The pocket near Home Depot (Delridge & Orchard) is not (at least, as of our drive thru the area a few hours ago). Meantime, the sinkhole saga on the hill over Lincoln Park seems to be even worse, at least for one homeowner featured again in tomorrow’s P-I.

-While checking out the Delridge/Orchard outage, we took an unintended turn and wound up on Puget Ridge. More than a decade in WS, and we’ve never been in the South Seattle Community College area before, believe it or not … hard to tell at night, but seems like some people up there must have a heck of a view.

-Non-outage related business notes: First, Bakery Nouveau. Ducked in on its second day of ops today to have a look (unfortunately we’d just had lunch so no room for a taste). Several of the items in the case at the time looked incredibly scrumptious, such as a chevre/garlic/pine nuts galette-type thing (sorry, our culinary vocabulary fails us), slices of dark chocolate cake, and brown sugar pecan brioche (gotta stop by tomorrow morning and see if they’ve got any more of those for breakfast). Also in business notes, the former Jan-Michael salon (and long-ago “frozen custard stand”) just north of Thriftway in Morgan Junction has finally revealed its new identity … a mortgage company moving from its prior spot a few blocks south on Cali.

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  • Mona December 19, 2006 (1:01 am)

    In the spring, you should check out the SSCC Chinese Garden. The city view, as well as the flora, is phenomenal.

  • Brrr! December 19, 2006 (8:38 am)

    Still now power in the units at the back of Westridge Park Apts. on Delridge & Kenyon. City Light says that it could be midnight Thursday (Friday morning) before power is restored. Looks as if the rest of the are has been restored with the exception of the area around Home Depot.

  • Schulz December 19, 2006 (11:47 am)

    Lincoln & Beach Drive area still does not have power. I am hoping we are not out forever, but it really is starting to feel like it. My boyfriend and I can now see our breaths while in our apartment. We do not have a genator or fire place. Unfortunately, we also don’t have any neighbors that have power that we could get showers from or a warm meal. I am unfortunately starting to feel like my faith the power will come back on fading away. I also found out that since the wind distroyed our satillates, that DISH Network is charging us to fix them and reinstall. The money is dwindling and the bills to repair are rising.

  • Jen December 19, 2006 (9:19 pm)

    The chocolate cake at Bakery Nouveau was fabulous – not too sweet, and no overkill on the chocolate – just close to perfect and very moist. They called the galette-type thing “pizza” when we ordered it. And it was good. As was the muffaletta. The brown sugar pecan brioche looked amazing, but we were too full to try it. And the owner gave us some brioche dinner rolls to take home. Love that place already.

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