Just in case

We’re sure you’ve heard by now that it could get insanely windy overnight, on the heels of all this pouring rain. In case you want to write it down or print it out before the power goes out, here’s the official City Light advice. Stay safe! And let us know about any trouble in your neighborhood.

6 Replies to "Just in case"

  • Keith December 14, 2006 (6:39 pm)

    Water was cresting over the sidewalk in the Junction a few hours ago when the rain was really coming doing… also overheard a woman say the Thriftway was flooded.

  • Michelle December 14, 2006 (8:16 pm)

    FYI – Delridge is closed at the exit of the West Seattle Bridge – not sure why – it looked like there was some water on the roadway and there were a bunch of police officers wandering around. I ended up taking 35th south and the power is out on the East side from about Alaska almost to Morgan.

  • Gina December 14, 2006 (8:22 pm)

    Big ponds of water on Spokane street to Delridge, and Spokane street in front of Harbor Ave, Admiral Way exits.

  • herongrrrl December 14, 2006 (8:37 pm)

    Me Kwa Mooks Park’s little drainage creek has overflowed and poured a HUGE amount of silt over the lawn amd part of SW Oregon Street. Unfortunately, it looks like it wiped out a lot of the restoration work that was done there over the summer.

  • Keith December 14, 2006 (10:00 pm)

    Caught a glimpse of several big, bright flashes out my west-facing windows near the top of the Alaska Junction. Looks like they’ve lost power in a few areas around here, with plenty of flickering in my own house.

  • The House December 14, 2006 (10:54 pm)

    Lost power about 30 min ago by Westwood! thank goodness for wireless phones!

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