Good news … for some

Just back from a partial tour. Jacobsen Road is back up. So is Lincoln Park Way, including the gas station at the north end of Lincoln Park, and the Lowman Beach area at the bottom of the hill. Beach Drive is open again at the tree-blockage site, but the homes surrounding it aren’t back on yet (the area closer to Me-Kwa-Mooks IS, however). Neither is a stretch of Sullivan St. in Upper Fauntleroy. The city, meantime, has beefed up the info on the City Light page for the first time in what seems like days — including links to the latest newspaper articles — and a link to this complete breakdown, neighborhood by neighborhood (guess it was the city that broke apart WS and Delridge, not the Times as we suggested earlier, sorry). And from elsewhere in blogland, here’s a funny, one-paragraph refutation of those who suggest racism/classism has had something to do with the order in which neighborhoods were restored (we had to dismiss that one, given the length of time that stretch of Beach Drive has been out).

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  • K December 20, 2006 (8:24 am)

    I was shopping at Thriftway on Monday (those poor tired employees). While checking out, the cashier asked how I “weathered” the storm. I told her that we only had a flicker of power and all was well. A very angry woman in line behind me asked where I lived. I told her on 46th near Brandon. She then stated “you must live somewhere near our a**hole mayor, he never lost power, aren’t you lucky”. Looks like many folks have some frustration and anger. Overall though, I think this has made people feel a better sense of community.

  • Gina December 20, 2006 (9:44 am)

    Oddly, the Admiral district has kept power, or had very short outages during the terms of Mayor’s Uhlman, Royer, Rice and Schell. None of them lived in West Seattle. Historically speaking I think it would show that the router in the Admiral district must be easier to access for repairs. There was a little pocket off Stevens around 52nd still without power as of Monday afternoon. They solved the problem of neighbors across the street not having power, not by groaning about conspiracies, but running extention cords from house to house.

    But it takes intelligent thought to help your neighbor!

  • lara7 December 22, 2006 (12:18 pm)

    Heh, just saw you linked to my blog. For the record, my power finally got restored sometime between 4pm wednesday 12/20 and 9pm thursday 12/21, so I was without for 7 nights/8 days. And yes, I did flee to Capitol Hill to stay with someone who rents, who never lost power.

    There was one spot in Capitol Hill near where I was staying that didn’t have power til Tuesday or so, but it also had a massive downed tree in the street in front of it. Most of the businesses along 15th were up and running Friday morning, if they even lost it at all.

    Those 2 gas stations on delridge were still dark on wednesday, too…

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