We guessed wrong

The superintendent’s final recommendations just came out, and he’s not backing down from the Pathfinder/Cooper merger. But he did decide not to close Roxhill after all. The final word rests with the school board, in two weeks. UPDATE: Here’s the P-I story, with Roxhill reaction; there’s also some in the Times writeup.

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  • Forest October 18, 2006 (8:04 pm)

    I am disappointed that the media coverage is all about the superintendent letting one of schools stay open. How about some attention to other schools that he still intends to shut down. How about some attention to his decisions that are building brand new buildings for some parts of Seattle while shutting down the public schools in other neighborhoods?

    Seattle needs to make school superintendent an elected office, and give voters a say in who is empowered to salvage or wreck public education.

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