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It’s getting ugly

Just happened to catch the school board meeting live on tv. Stopped to listen for Pathfinder testimony … after a couple of fairly mellow people from Pathfinder (and a West Seattle guy who sends his kids cross-town to another alternative school that’s threatened with “consolidation”), the public speakers turned to a more broad focus, including some quite incisive rabble-rousing, and a confrontation ensued. Something about a guy threatening one of the speakers. Hard to tell in those wide-angle public-access tv shots, but looked like someone might have gotten arrested or at least thrown out of the meeting. Wow. Will have to look for the online replay later.

Also not closing …

… any time soon, anyway … The Viaduct. The state’s done analyzing results from the inspection during last weekend’s shutdown; they say it “settled” just a little teeny tiny itsy bit since last checkup, and it’s still, like, kind of OK for us to drive on, but they promise to fix it if it settles just a little teeny tiny itsy bit more. Uh, guys and gals, any reason not to just put it up on the rack now and get goin’ with that? Given that the looming Greg vs. Chris Deathmatch over Tunnel Of No Love may leave us stuck with it for a long time …

We guessed wrong

The superintendent’s final recommendations just came out, and he’s not backing down from the Pathfinder/Cooper merger. But he did decide not to close Roxhill after all. The final word rests with the school board, in two weeks. UPDATE: Here’s the P-I story, with Roxhill reaction; there’s also some in the Times writeup.

Time machine

October 18, 2006 4:38 am
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We’ve mentioned the Seattle city online photo archives before. Many of these photos were taken for relatively mundane motives, say, documenting big public-works projects. (If you want to look at the Myrtle Street reservoir/tower construction from every angle, for example, this collection could put you over the moon. And check out this view of what preceded the Fairmount Park field along Fauntleroy.) But tucked into the archives are a few surprises, such as this pic that can be regarded as a reminder of the kaleidoscope of differences between wartime then and wartime now.