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We haven’t whined about this in nine months, and nobody really knew we were here then. So here we go again. I would never want to see West Seattle turn into a fast-food franchise wasteland, but it’s not going to kill us if we get just one or two more GOOD fast-food burger places. How about Fatburger, a Southern California transplant which has a few places on the east side? How about Carl’s Jr. (also from SoCal), which just opened its first Puget Sound spot (Tacoma)? Or even Wendy’s (which long ago used to inhabit the Ambaum spot that’s now a Peruvian restaurant)? All we have for quick burgers at odd hours are three McDonald’s (yuck) and Jack in the Box. Yes, I know we have some great burgers in non-fast-food-franchise settings (Easy Street, Elliott Bay Brewery, among others), but I’m talking, it’s 10 pm, you’re hungry, you want something fast and relatively cheap. Burien has only half as many people as West Seattle, but at least twice as many burger options. I’m tired of driving there (or to Bellevue) for a decent fast-food burger. Who’s with me? Can we petition somebody? Certainly got the real estate. What’s moving in to the old rental spot on Fauntleroy? How about the boarded-up gas station on Roxbury, west of the Safeway? If we’re going to build all these condos, folks gotta have somewhere to snack!

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  • Keith October 7, 2006 (11:08 am)

    I’m not with you on this one.

    The first time my Dad came to visit me in West Seattle, he commented “Wow, I’ve hardly seen any chain restaurants or business. How cool.” I alsd like it that way, even if we have lost some ground recently to Super Supplements and the ever-invasive Starbucks.

    Besides, when you eat that “food” after 10pm, don’t you wake up full of regret? Better off grabbing something decent at Matador/West 5 (late night happy hour prices!) or a slice at Talarico’s (much improved) or even Rocksport. I do wish we had a Thai restaurant open late.

  • Keith October 7, 2006 (11:11 am)

    Also: couldn’t you just drive to that fast-food area around 3rd and the Spokane Street viaduct, south of the stadiums? They’ve got lots of options down there.

  • Art October 7, 2006 (11:53 am)

    I agree we need more choices. I don’t know why Burger King couldn’t stay open for business(Although I’m not a Burger King fan). I guess people just drove right on by them and didn’t even notice it was there. If I had money I certainly would open up my own Jack-in the box franchise somewhere South of the Junction,or just East of the Junction. It would be a money maker that’s for sure. I’ve always liked the Jack-in the box menu way better than Mcdonalds or Burger King. The Rocksport also makes decent burgers but isn’t really a fast food outlet.

    The problem is still mainly that every place shuts down to early. If you haven’t eaten by 9pm you’re screwed and have to resort to go shopping at Safeway and cook late at home. I live just South of the Junction and don’t care to drive up to Admiral district Jack-in the box just to get a snack, its ridiculous. I also won’t go to Alki at all on the weekend for obvious reasons. No parking, too much traffic and way overpiced. The mentality of being a bedroom neighborhood still amazes me when there are over 95,000 people living in West Seattle alone.

    West Seattle is changing but at a snails pace it seems like.

  • Eric October 7, 2006 (1:19 pm)

    the only cali burger joint I would like to see is In and Out – YUMMMY.

    Fatburger is $$$$. and you can get a better burger at a local joint.

    Bring back the Shack!!

  • Rob Lanphier October 7, 2006 (8:09 pm)

    I agree with Eric. In and Out is the only chain that’s interesting. I’ve been in San Francisco, within walking distance of the Fishermans’ Wharf location, which is /really/ dangerous. I’m afraid of actually having that option in West Seattle; I think I’d quickly go from merely overweight to morbidly obese rather rapidly.

    Pepperdock’s is usually where I get my cheap-ish burger fix when I want it, or if I’m really lazy, the A&W in White Center (which is closer for me).

  • EarthMama October 8, 2006 (10:08 am)

    Why strech it so far as to Cali when we have our own beloved Kidd Valley here is West Seattle? The Capital Hill location next to Safeway was just demolished… perhaps they are looking for a pime place to re-establish! You can’t beat their shakes, onion rings, burgers and most of al prices (family of 4 for around $22.00) plus we ould be keeping the franchise LOCAL! Just my .02 cents.

  • Max October 8, 2006 (11:01 am)

    We moved to West Seattle in 1988 and have been looking for a good burger joint ever since. Saying EB Brewing and EZ St are the best around says it all. Pepperdock’s – bleh. Luna Park – not bad, but no fries! There used to be a place near Avalon and 35th – Groucho’s?- it wasn’t great, but it was better than the chains. I’m with Eric on In-N-Out, the best of the chains, but it has not made it up here yet. For a more realistic dream, how about a West Seattle Dick’s?

  • kent and Caanan October 8, 2006 (7:40 pm)

    My goodness. Has the WSB and spouse gone mad? The last thing we want in our neighborhood is national fast food chains.

    Why doesn’t everyone pop over to Jak’s for a burger and fries…and then we can talk about burgers. =)

    Love the conversation.

    Caanan and Kent

    BTW – We could get behind a dick’s

  • Stu October 8, 2006 (9:08 pm)

    You obviously have not tried the Red Mill. Their double cheeseburger is the best anywhere. Much better than in and out. They are local, Magnolia and Phinney Ridge, and have created a great atmosphere for a semi fast food place. That is where I go when I want a burger, fies and milkshake. FYI, Circa, makes a great burger.

  • hungry now October 8, 2006 (11:22 pm)

    Top three choices–

    1) Dick’s–I have never understood why they never opened a store in the south end. West Seattle has always seemed perfect for a Dick’s. Give me a Deluxe, fries and shake!

    2) Kidd Valley–This is might be more realistic as Dick’s doesn’t seem to want to grow. They are owned by Ivar’s so perhaps a combo joint??? Fine burgers, a little pricier.

    3) Red Mill–hey, we got a Cupcake Royale. We’re hip…cmon…give it a try…

  • Jen October 9, 2006 (8:52 am)

    I’m all for a small local or regional chain…Red Mill, Burgerville, Kidd Valley or Dick’s (in that order).

  • Katrina October 9, 2006 (9:36 pm)

    I do feel your pain.

    While I like Jack In the Box, I love Wendy’s Value options, but need to go to Ballard or Tukwila to get it.
    Arby’s chicken sandwiches are a favorite of mine – a treat I get if I’m in the Northgate area.
    Panda Express is another. Where I grew up there are free standing Panda Expresses opening all over the place…but here it’s something I get if I go to Tukwila, Alderwood, or Northgate (the Bellevue location closed).

    I know that makes me sound a little like a fast food junkie, and I swear I don’t eat like that all the time.

    …but if you’re going to eat bad…you want it to be good ;-)

  • brian November 26, 2006 (12:39 pm)

    The only good hamburger in West Seattle could be had at (a) John’s drive-in (b) Gil’s (c) Penny’s Doghouse(d) Original Gary’s King burger at Pepperdock around 1975. All the above mentioned are pre-1970.I would imagine all of these great establisments are now probably gone or Teriyaki, Pho places which we desperately need more of as you need to walk eight feet to find one. I might get my nails done while I’m at it as those shops are quite scarce as well.

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