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Neighborhood-nickname creep

October 28, 2006 4:45 pm
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First, we spotted a mild outbreak of NoMo. Now, comes SOA — on a flyer for Tuesday’s expanded trick-or-treating in the Admiral business district (3-6 pm), with half a dozen or so businesses south of Lafayette School joining it this year, and identifying themselves as SOA (South Of Admiral). What next? WeCa? EaCa? NoFa? SoFa? AlAl? (as in Almost Alki, a la the marketing of Verge Condos)? We could at least turn Beach Drive into SoAl. But I’m still looking for a justification to meld Luna Park and someplace-or-another into LunaSea …


One last reminder … Junction trick-or-treating 1-3 pm today. Given the influx of young parents into WS, I predict a surge of people carrying babies and toddlers in pumpkin suits. Have a blast!

Their existence is not the problem

October 28, 2006 1:32 am
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Oh good heavens, today’s Times opens up the coyote can-o-worms yet again. Can we just say one more time … PLEASE. DON’T. LET. YOUR. CATS. ROAM. OUTSIDE. EVER. PERIOD. Coyotes are not even remotely the worst threat they face. Human-linked threats (such as cars) are a zillion times worse. We’ve shared our lives with eight cats so far (no, not all at once) … all perfectly happy, safe, and healthy in the house (or apartment).

Violent start to Hallo-weekend

According to media reports, two relatives got into it along Alki Ave Friday night (in the Bamboo vicinity), and one stabbed the other. One left the beach in a squad car, the other in an aid car.