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Mystery no more

Chalk another one up for West Seattle Blog Spouse, who bet me that the ex-Remo Borracchini spot in The Junction would become a “fancy bakery with something French in its name.”

Sometime in the past 24 hours, a sign went up, as follows: “Coming soon (to delightfully spoil West Seattle with bread, pastry, cakes, chocolates and coffee)/Bakery Nouveau/home of world baking champion 2005/USA top 10 chocolatier 2004/William Leaman.”

According to a variety of online references, Leaman’s been at Essential Baking Company in North Seattle for a while and does indeed have quite an impressive resume, dating back into his teens. West Seattle’s got a fair amount of good bakeries — so could this mean we’re in for something great?

Maybe it was just a slip of the keyboard

October 14, 2006 10:27 am
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A political editorial (pro-Initiative 920, which means anti-estate tax) in the Sunday Times/P-I describes Services Group of America, which moved from its Delridge HQ (the building with the huge flag) to AZ, as a “small business.” Hardly!

My condolences, by the way, to anyone who lost their job because they didn’t want to move from West Seattle to Arizona; been through the “no relo? no job” thing ourselves. But it’s “good riddance” to SGA’s boss, perhaps best remembered for getting ticked off that he couldn’t get a heliport on the Delridge building (convenient for his commute from Vashon), and had the gall to take the fight all the way to the state Supreme Court!