Alki altercation

Well, the Yahoo! Alki group confirms informally what I saw on a tv-news report tonight — cops swarming Alki this afternoon, not for Cruisers Gone Crazy, but for Restaurant Owners Rumbling. Didn’t know till now that the Duke’s and Christo’s bigwigs had bad blood. And as of this writing, King County’s jail roster shows the Christo’s boss behind bars.

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  • Alki resident September 3, 2006 (12:52 pm)

    I am a frequent walker in the Alki area. Maybe the fight was about how much of the sidewalk Duke’s restaurant uses. From what I can figure, Dukes will leave the appropriate amount of space for pedestrians (5 feet, I think) when the city inspectors come by, but then move the portable fences out until pedestrians can barely walk by. Plus, the wait staff from Duke’s stand on the public sidewalk side of the fence (instead of on the enclosed side) to take orders and provide service, making the sidewalk even harder to negotiate. The other restaurants providing tables on the Alki Ave sidewalk (Pegasus, Coyotes, Bamboo Bar & Grill, etc) do not do this. It must make it hard for the patrons of Cristo to get by. Plus, it’s just an indication of what a lousy neighbor Duke’s can be. Though it also sounds like the owner of Cristo is not complaining in a very productive way. Though who knows what he’s already tried? Maybe he was at the end of his rope.

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