Speaking of big old historic houses

Not long after I posted about the apparently doomed historic house at 4532 42nd SW (thanks to “WS Guy” for the comment on that post, enlightening me about its history — my copy of the wonderful “West Side Story” is in tatters and I need to find a “new” one), we were startled by this sight: The historic “Satterlee House” on Beach Drive is up for sale again, billed as a “$3 million fixer” with suggestions as to how some of its massive front-lawn space could be developed. It’s been five years since the slugfest over a plan to put cottages on that land; now the MLS listing suggests it could be used as “possible 3 building sites with completed short plat.” Whatever happened to the campaign to save the house and its site as is? Isn’t there any kazillionaire around here with a few spare bucks (I wish I did!) to preserve a little history? (or are they ALL on Lake Washington?)

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  • Karen August 13, 2006 (9:52 pm)

    Hello from One Neighborhood Blog to another

    Post Katrina new Orleans is fighting to come back, and we are blogging our way there!

  • Kitty G August 15, 2006 (10:53 am)

    The campaign to save the house was entirely organized by the guy next door who didn’t want to share the driveway that is half owned by the Satterlee property, and by neighbors who bought his argument that they were entitled to retain the front yard as a private park for themselves. Historic preservation had nothing to do with the motives. It was simply an argument against the property owner building on the property after he couldn’t find anyone to buy the house and no one in the neighborhood group cared to raise money for buying the front yard.

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