Were we dissed?

Interesting quote in this P-I article on the flap over this weekend’s official gay-pride celebrations moving from Capitol Hill to Seattle Center:

Moving the pride parade off Capitol Hill, Benner said, is “like holding the Fremont (Solstice) Parade in West Seattle.”

Does that mean we’re too dull for words out here? Or is it just a geographic reference, and she could just as easily have said “like holding the Solstice Parade in Lake City”?

I for one don’t consider WS boring, although we could use a few naked bike riders — that would really spice up the Seafair Pirates Landing! And good heavens, you have to remember that the Rat City Rollergirls were “born” in neighboring White Center. (Still a bummer about that rink.) I’ll think of some other reasons we’re not boring … just give me a bit, still waking up.

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  • pops June 24, 2006 (12:25 pm)

    They’re still under the impression this is Emmett Watsonville?

    After being in Pasadena 20 years ago and then coming here there was a shock factor. The place used to be literally crawling – 12 to 15 mph max – with colossal Buicks driven by lil’ ol’ folks who could barely see over the dash. At the time I kept thinking – those Hulings must live like the pharaoh!

    But that was then and this is now and us damn Californicans came and demanded spicy food and just screwed everything up.

    OK ‘cept for the Alki Tavern. It’s still good to go.

    BTW – still taking URLs for West Seattle Bloggers?

    I’ve been at it for about six years on and off.


    However I think she was the first West Seattle blogger, but she moved to another neighborhood.


    Hey – great site – I was in one in one of the cupcake joints and people were talking about this page.

  • cami June 26, 2006 (6:09 am)

    In a parade to parade comparison (Hi-Yu to Solstice), I see where one would get the impression that West Seattle isn’t as hip as Fremont!!!!!

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