Today’s P-I article about the deal for Whole Foods to come to Fauntleroy Place uses that word to describe the project site. Seems a little harsh. Now, just a bit to the west, we *would* say that’s a good word for the empty ex-Burger King and the tattered, shuttered building that I vaguely recall as having been a car-stereo store once upon a time.

As for the project itself, we’ve got mixed emotions on the idea of a Whole Foods store here. The WS Blogger household does enjoy “health food” (brown rice is on the stove even as we type). When the WF in North Seattle was relatively new, we dropped in a few times. Found most of their stuff overpriced, including the extensive deli offerings. Didn’t see any reason to stop patronizing our local PCC, at least in favor of a crosstown drive.

So now they’ll be here, not far from the Jefferson Square Safeway — we loathe Safeways, so if business there is affected, no biggie in our personal view. The Morgan Junction Thriftway might feel some heat, since that’s just a mile down the road, and it’s cultivated a tiny bit of upscaleness. But how will the folks at PCC cope? Brand loyalty might not count for much any more, even for those of us who can count their PCC membership years on into double digits.

Bottom line for me … we would still rather see West Seattle get a Trader Joe’s, so we can stop the frequent trips to Burien!

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  • Jake June 4, 2006 (5:30 pm)

    Rumor has it that a Trader Joe’s is coming to the Admiral Junction.

    We have a PCC right 2 blocks from our house, and though we drop in there occasionally we prefer Metro Mart.

    With a Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Metro Mart all within walking distance we’ll never have to leave the neighborhood. To think we use to drive to Ravenna to go to Whole Foods. Then again, why can’t we simply replace the Junction Safeway with a Whole Foods, that would solve a great number of blights.

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