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    All I can say is “WoW” and shake my head. How can they possibly even defend the decision to defend this?



    Well, here’s a Reuters story about this, that actually contains some information and context.

    What Alabama and the other states are challenging is the screening requirement imposed on them by the Voting Rights act, which apparently requires those states to get federal review and approval before changing their state voting laws and requirements, due to a history of discrimination against minorities in those states.

    Shelby County sued in 2010, challenging Section 5 of the law, which demands that places with a history of discrimination obtain approval from the Justice Department or a special court for new district lines, ballot rules or other election changes.

    The federal screening aims to ensure that any proposed changes do not impair voting rights based on race. It covers all or part of 16 states, most of them in the South.

    The suit contends that the preclearance requirement is a federal encroachment on state sovereignty that is no longer needed after more than 40 years of fighting racial discrimination. A separate Voting Rights Act provision, not challenged here, covers intentional discrimination at the polls.

    Sorry Jan, but all I got from the article you linked was the alarmism, without any details or background information about the case itself.



    just posted what I saw…was an invitation to add, thanks for your input. Remember that my post is a link to a Yahoo link..notorious for alarmist things. I welcome more information :)



    Well, since the Democrats no longer dominate the south, after 40 years, republicans have struck down the racial animosity of white deoncrates it’s long overdue.. Southern democratic racism is dead.



    here’s is another article about this issue its not just about the south and black voter rights it also brings into play all race voting blocks in a number of states here is part of it….

    The requirement currently applies to the states of Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia. It also covers certain counties in California, Florida, New York, North Carolina and South Dakota, and some local jurisdictions in Michigan and New Hampshire. Coverage has been triggered by past discrimination not only against blacks, but also against American Indians, Asian-Americans, Alaskan Natives and Hispanics.



    Well, my opinion is that this is judicial meddling of the worst sort, worse than Roe V. Wade, where they should have left the law to the states.

    Now they are ham handing into an area where the states should clearly not be allowed to have free reign.

    Not only that, they are stepping into an area where Congress has, uncharacteristically, not been overly shy in prescribing remedies.

    This is as bad as courts attempting to enforce school busing in Massachussets or determining election outcomes.

    The Supreme Court needs a wing clipping.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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