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    Looking for a local company/person experienced in rock walls built with local rocks and mortar. Have one about 20 inches high by 20 feet that needs repair: new concrete footer, drainage, re-using original rocks.



    redblack should be able to help ya… he is lurking around the blog somewhere… just do a search for him.


    Try Chuck Crandall, from Crandall Stone. Hes’ done stone work here locally for years. His Cell’s




    You might want to contact TJW Construction, Inc. 206-351-3484. This might be something they can help you with. Local business and they do great work!



    kootch mentioned my name, so here i am. and i’d look at your project, 3G, but we’re pretty slammed right now through january 2013.



    Thanks for the followup redblack. Hoping to have the work complete in the next few weeks.



    try Mark at Abe’s Chimney service(his card says they do all things brick and stone and I talked to him yesterday about a similar project. He’s local and very responsive! his phone is 2066-763-8154



    this is mainly for posterity and those looking for local masonry services.

    i’ve posted advice on masonry repairs here plenty of times, and, until last november, i worked for a small contractor who did chimneys and other residential masonry. so occasionally i’d try to drum up business for him via the forums.

    i should also point out that i’m a hod carrier, not a bricklayer. we and the bricklayers have two separate unions, and we have different responsibilities on the job. i’m actually a member of the laborers’ union, so i load trucks, set up jobs, build scaffold, stock material, mix mortar, tend to bricklayers’ every need, and tear down and clean up when we’re finished.

    but i’m also a homeowner, as well as a tradesman, so i know what i’m looking at, especially when it comes to masonry.

    in january i started a new gig, working for one of the biggest masonry contractors on the west coast. i’m fully employed again, plus overtime, and i’ve had to ignore the intertoobz for a while. today is a rare day off – and man, what a nice day!

    anyway, to those seeking advice, it’s free, and i still have a gmail address.


    but readers should know that i, myself, don’t do side work, largely for insurance and liability purposes. i.e. i’m not a licensed contractor. so if i break my neck working on your house, i’m screwed. if your chimney leaks after i work on it, you’re screwed.

    cheers, and happy hunting.



    *waves at redblack*

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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