Guilty pleas in Arbor Heights/Fauntleroy/Beacon Hill robberies

Though the Morgan Junction murder trial was called off for the day, we stayed at the courthouse for a plea hearing in another West Seattle case. Indeed, the three men charged in the Arbor Heights and Fauntleroy street robberies last August 21st have just appeared before King County Superior Court Judge Carol Schapira to plead guilty as charged: 22-year-old Hassan I. Abdirizak, 19-year-old Abdulkamir A. Ahmed, and 22-year-old Najib A. Aden. Each was charged with two counts of first-degree robbery and one count of attempted first-degree robbery – for a Beacon Hill incident the same night as well as the two in West Seattle.

None are West Seattle residents. Aden has been out of jail since November, while Abdirizak and Ahmed have remained in custody. Months ago, there was talk they might face charges in robberies elsewhere in the city, but as part of the plea bargain, no additional charges were or will be filed, and each pleaded guilty to the three original charges. Prosecutors will recommend what equals a 68-month (just over five and a half years) sentence – the top end of the “standard” range for 1st-degree robbery – for each one when they are sentenced, followed by 18 months’ community custody (probation). The sentencing hearing is scheduled for 1 pm April 18th.

4 Replies to "Guilty pleas in Arbor Heights/Fauntleroy/Beacon Hill robberies"

  • Lfauntleroy March 19, 2014 (6:07 am)

    Thanks for posting this follow up. I encountered the armed gunman. I drove past him, wearing a bandana over his face, running from the scene near the Fauntleroy Ferry. I didn’t see him assault and rib the man. I am so bothered that I didn’t call 911. Thankfully the next victim was not shot it killed…but still I should have followed my instinct. I was just wondering what the sentence would be. I hope those thugs get the maximum.

  • Gawdger March 19, 2014 (8:24 am)

    Decent enough of a sentence. Hopefully a successful rehabilitation for all of them. Big props to the SPD…what an awesome response, and thanks for not running me over at the intersection of 104th!

  • biglittle March 19, 2014 (3:55 pm)

    Given the names of these youth, what’s the likelihood that the judge will pass them onto INS following the completion of their sentence for possible revocation of a passport or asylum status and removal from the US.

    • WSB March 19, 2014 (4:33 pm)

      Why would their names be any indication of their citizenship or lack of it?

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