West Seattle Crime Watch roundup: Mystery burglary loot & more

UNUSUAL BURGLARY LOOT: A request from Southwest Precinct Det. Shane St. John: As part of an ongoing investigation of burglaries, police have recovered “a large amount of foreign-coin currency.” They suspect it’s loot but don’t have a record of anyone reporting the theft of such currency. If you know who might have had such currency stolen (or if it might be yours), contact him: 206-233-7871.

SEARCH AT SWAC: If you were on Trenton between the Southwest Athletic Complex and Westwood Village around noontime, you might have seen this sizable police response:

SPD media-relations Det. Renée Witt said it had started with a report of several people allegedly drinking and using drugs on the north side of the sports complex. While officers investigated, she said, it somehow became somewhat chaotic – one suspect took off running, and somewhere along the line, officers found bullets, leading them to think a gun might have been in the vicinity, and a K-9 team was being brought in to look. That’s where our information trail ends; we have a followup question out and will add anything else we find out. (Added Tuesday afternoon – SPD Blotter now has details on this case.)

SATURDAY CAR PROWL: A neighbor at 21st/Roxbury reports catching an apparent car prowler in the act on Saturday morning, spotting his neighbor’s car door slightly open and someone ducking down. The watchful neighbor says the victims later reported that police found the suspect with items including stolen property.

ANOTHER CAR PROWL: John says someone went through his car, parked in his driveway at 39th and Dakota, last Thursday night: “The only thing they seemed to have stolen was a really old MP3 player (worth about $5 at most), but must have been in a hurry since they missed other things that I would have though they would have taken.” He suspects he might have left his door unlocked.

HIT-RUN NEAR THE PARK: Another reader named John is looking for anyone who might have seen the hit-run that damaged his car at his home near Ercolini Park between 11 am and noon Sunday:

My neighbor heard the noise, and looked out to see a white larger late model pickup truck backing away from our car and continuing on its way.

I was hoping you might be willing to post this note in case any other people at the park witnessed the event and might have more information on who damaged our car.

If you saw it, contact police.

9 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch roundup: Mystery burglary loot & more"

  • Casey May 13, 2013 (9:38 pm)

    37th and Dakota and my car was sifted through last night. They must have been in a rush as well seeing as they left a sweet pair of ray bans behind. I must have slipped and left a bavk door unlocked so Technically, I am equally to blame. After all, we don’t live in the burbs.

  • Admiral Walker May 13, 2013 (9:54 pm)

    Seems like a busy weekend for car prowlers. Our car on 38th and Stevens was rifled on Thursday night (I am pretty sure I hadn’t locked the doors since the alarm didn’t go off), nothing taken since we don’t leave anything in the cars.

    Saturday morning at about 4:30am, woke up to a neighbor’s car alarm and found a man hustling up the sidewalk when I flipped on the light and stepped outside. As I talked to him from my porch (he said he had seen a kid running off in the opposite direction), my wife called 911 and we had an officer driving by within 10 minutes, but the guy had already taken off.

  • Bill V May 13, 2013 (11:06 pm)

    John, I saw the hit and run by Ercolini. I have not contacted the police because I don’t have any information that will help them. However, the owner of the dark colored minivan that lives across from the park might be able to tell you something. I heard the crash and when I looked up, the pickup was stopping next to the minivan, which was pulling in to park (at home, I think). I assumed the pickup had crashed into the minivan, and when the woman got out of the minivan and didn’t say anything to the pickup truck driver, who was stopped next to her, I thought there was no damage. The pickup then drove away and I thought nothing of it until I read this. The woman in the minivan likely got a good look at the driver, as it stopped right next to her.

  • John May 14, 2013 (9:11 am)

    Thanks, Bill. Did you happen to notice the make or model of the Pickup (or any info on the driver)? Also, if you remember a more specific time, anything would really help.

  • themayorn206 May 14, 2013 (10:12 am)

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  • Bill V May 14, 2013 (11:59 am)

    Hi John,

    Unfortunately I don’t know much more, except to say that it was a generic ford or chevy type medium sized white pickup. Once I saw the minivan pull up, I didn’t think more of it. I think it was around 11:30. We were on the swings so it was not too close. And the other few people at the park didn’t seem to notice either…


  • Belvidere May 14, 2013 (3:45 pm)

    We also had a car burglarized on Friday night on Belivdere near Lander – think it was about the same time – 4:30am. A students gray VANS backpack was taken. There was nothing of value to a thief but plenty of value to the student. If they happen to have dumped the backpack (or the contents which were primarily some school binders) anywhere please contact me. Thanks. We would really like to get it back!

  • WS4fun May 14, 2013 (4:50 pm)

    Hi John,
    My daughter was the one in the minivan and noticed the white truck was acting strangely but wasn’t sure why. Both of us saw the truck come back and the woman that was driving it got out and took pictures of your car. We both got a good look at her so hopefully she will see this post and come forward. I’ll come over and talk to you about it when you get home.

  • John May 15, 2013 (6:53 am)

    Thanks, WS4fun. I will be around today, and if there is anything you could tell the police, it would be helpful. Even the fact that it was a female. We filed a police report under incident number 13-160165, and you can call the southwest precinct at (206) 733-9800. Thanks!

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