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West Seattle Crime Watch: Car stolen this afternoon

May 13, 2013 11:07 pm
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That’s a photo of Chris‘s missing car – be on the lookout:

My vehicle was stolen from my work in the Admiral District between approx. 12- 5 pm on Monday, May 13th. … License plate 003 YAL. 1991 Honda Prelude 2.0 si.

As advised by the SPD tweet, call 911 if you see it.

Update: 2-car crash on eastbound bridge

(Photo by Christopher Boffoli for WSB)
9:34 PM: Big response to the eastbound bridge, Spokane Street Viaduct section, for a “heavy rescue” call. One texter says it’s a rollover crash.

9:51 PM: Still not much information on this; commenters who passed the scene say it’s before the 99 exit. The eastbound bridge remains open.

10:46 PM: WSB contributing photojournalist Christopher Boffoli is back from checking out the crash aftermath. Two SUVs were on the outside shoulder by the time he got there (one is shown above). The exit to 99 was blocked at the time but the traffic camera now shows it, and the rest of the scene, clear. At this point we aren’t likely to have information about injuries, if any, until morning.

TUESDAY MORNING UPDATE: Seattle Fire Department spokesperson Kyle Moore tells us that one car was on its side when SFD crews got to the two-vehicle crash scene, and, “We had to lift the occupants out of the cab of the overturned SUV. They did not have any significant injuries.”

Got room for a student visiting West Seattle from afar?

From Pathfinder K-8 assistant principal Lisa Clayton:

Looking for an amazing summer adventure? Host a 5th/6th grade student from China. West Seattle will have a visit from 25 students from Chengdu, China and as the date is approaching fast, we are still in great need of host families. Students will arrive July 3rd and departure is set for July 14th. During the weekdays students will attend summer-camp classes at Pathfinder K-8 School, and on the weekends they are ready to play. All you need to be a host family is a desire to enrich your lives – and an extra bed.

To find out more, e-mail Clayton at

‘Nickelsville’ encampment, 2 years later: Still no moving date

(May 13, 2011, WSB photo)
Two years ago today, the homeless encampment that calls itself “Nickelsville” returned to the site where it had begun – a mostly-city-owned parcel on the eastern edge of West Seattle. According to a flyer posted on the semi-official Nickelsville Works Facebook group page, encampment residents and supporters plan a second-anniversary party next Sunday afternoon. That’s three days before their uphill neighbors from the Highland Park Action Committee have a meeting scheduled with Mayor McGinn.

Today was also the deadline that HPAC chair Carolyn Stauffer had given McGinn and City Councilmembers for announcing a move-out date for the encampment. The nonprofit Food Lifeline has proposed building a new center there, to collect and process food for food banks around the region. But in addition to the encampment’s presence, there’s also bureaucracy in the way, such as getting the site declared “surplus” so the city could consider selling it.

Stauffer writes on the HPAC website that only one city leader to whom the letter was sent, Councilmember Richard Conlin, replied, though without any commitment of specific action. As for the mayor, she writes in part:

The Mayor has donated [to Nickelsville] thousands of dollars in materials and rat abatement, and has been ignoring the neighborhood pleas for city action. We asked again that he be brave enough politically to stand up for our neighborhood and say no- that one cannot squat illegally on public land anymore, that it is too much to ask of our neighborhoods without due process and public comment. Giving the encampment a move out date is the Mayor’s job, and we are meeting with him on May 22nd to make sure that he understands that, and to make sure he knows that the neighborhood is serious when we ask for a move out date.

If he chooses to continue to ignore this, he will have a difficult time getting through the political season coming up without having to address his non-action. As we stated in our April 2nd letter, we will be taking steps to pursue legal action at this point.

We too have an inquiry out to the mayor’s office and will update when we hear back.

Crime Watch followup: ‘Warrant service’ finally explained

We finally have details relating to the 24th/Holden “serving a warrant” case briefly reported here very early Friday morning. Turns out that it was a case from the city of Sammamish – a burglary with loot including stolen guns and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition – and police say much of the loot was found in West Seattle, with two arrests resulting. Read on for the full Sammamish PD news release:

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West Seattle Crime Watch roundup: Mystery burglary loot & more

UNUSUAL BURGLARY LOOT: A request from Southwest Precinct Det. Shane St. John: As part of an ongoing investigation of burglaries, police have recovered “a large amount of foreign-coin currency.” They suspect it’s loot but don’t have a record of anyone reporting the theft of such currency. If you know who might have had such currency stolen (or if it might be yours), contact him: 206-233-7871.

SEARCH AT SWAC: If you were on Trenton between the Southwest Athletic Complex and Westwood Village around noontime, you might have seen this sizable police response:

SPD media-relations Det. Renée Witt said it had started with a report of several people allegedly drinking and using drugs on the north side of the sports complex. While officers investigated, she said, it somehow became somewhat chaotic – one suspect took off running, and somewhere along the line, officers found bullets, leading them to think a gun might have been in the vicinity, and a K-9 team was being brought in to look. That’s where our information trail ends; we have a followup question out and will add anything else we find out. (Added Tuesday afternoon – SPD Blotter now has details on this case.)

SATURDAY CAR PROWL: A neighbor at 21st/Roxbury reports catching an apparent car prowler in the act on Saturday morning, spotting his neighbor’s car door slightly open and someone ducking down. The watchful neighbor says the victims later reported that police found the suspect with items including stolen property.

ANOTHER CAR PROWL: John says someone went through his car, parked in his driveway at 39th and Dakota, last Thursday night: “The only thing they seemed to have stolen was a really old MP3 player (worth about $5 at most), but must have been in a hurry since they missed other things that I would have though they would have taken.” He suspects he might have left his door unlocked.

HIT-RUN NEAR THE PARK: Another reader named John is looking for anyone who might have seen the hit-run that damaged his car at his home near Ercolini Park between 11 am and noon Sunday:

My neighbor heard the noise, and looked out to see a white larger late model pickup truck backing away from our car and continuing on its way.

I was hoping you might be willing to post this note in case any other people at the park witnessed the event and might have more information on who damaged our car.

If you saw it, contact police.

Delridge Way repaving: New detour, starting Wednesday

May 13, 2013 2:45 pm
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As announced last week, SDOT plans to shift the Delridge Way repaving work to Phase 3, Thistle to Trenton, this Wednesday. The section of Delridge that will have a southbound detour during that time will be between Thistle and Holden. Above, the map; below, the update:

Beginning May 15, southbound traffic on Delridge Way Southwest in West Seattle will be detoured at Southwest Holden Street and the currently detoured stretch from Southwest Thistle to Southwest Trenton streets will be reopened. The closure will allow the contractor working for the Seattle Department of Transportation to reconstruct the roadway and install storm drains. The new detour, from Holden to Thistle streets, is expected to remain in place through mid July. This work is Phase 3 of the project that is rebuilding much of Delridge Way Southwest.

Traffic will be redirected (see attached map):

· West on SW Holden Street
· South on 35th Avenue S
· East on SW Thistle Street
· South on Delridge Way SW

Delridge will remain open to northbound traffic except for intersection work. Local access to businesses and residents will be maintained.

This is a five-phase project. At the end of Phase 3, construction activity will move north to Phase 4, between SW Orchard and SW Holden streets.

MAP flap: Superintendent says high schools can opt out of test

A new development this afternoon in the controversy over the testing known as MAP: Seattle Public Schools superintendent José Banda has just announced that while he wants to keep it for next year, through 8th grade, high schools can opt out. Read on for his full statement:

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West Seattle Weather Watch: Thunderstorms moving through

(Thanks to Linda for photo of storm moving eastward over the Sound)
1:26 PM: Seriously stormy weather blowing through West Seattle – we heard thunder a few minutes ago, and the wind’s kicked up. The National Weather Service has issued a “short-term forecast” alert that also warns hail is possible.

1:44 PM: And after all that, a sunbreak. But more might be on the way later.

5:17 PM: We’ve noted this on today’s traffic roundup (always linked from the sidebar), but it’s worth reporting here too – if you are headed south of West Seattle, you should know a tree’s come down on the southbound lanes of Ambaum:

That’s the tree on the left side of the photo, just south of SW 116th, in north Burien. Equipment to help clear it away was arriving when we were there, but if it’s not clear yet, you’ll be detoured.

Metro money mess: Transit system’s leader makes his case

(Metro Route 21 bus traveling westbound on Avalon, past under-construction apartment building)
By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Will Metro have to slash its services – or will some of the supplementary funding that expires next year be replaced, averting crisis?

This week might be pivotal. For starters: Today, state legislators are back in Olympia for a special session. They hold the power to give transportation-funding “tools” to local leaders – but whether they will do it is very much in question, as two West Seattle’s state legislators told the 34th District Democrats last Wednesday (WSB coverage here).

County leaders, including Metro management, hope for a show of support at a special public hearing tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon – and through an online comment form, if you can’t make it to the hearing to speak in person.

With all this as a backdrop, the man who runs Metro, its general manager Kevin Desmond, sat down with WSB for a conversation, which we videotaped in its 48-minute entirety.

Full disclosure, it was their idea, not ours: After reading countless WSB comments about Metro, including skepticism from some suggesting the money woes are more about mismanagement than funding shortage, county Transportation Department communicators asked if we would be interested in an interview, so we worked out time to sit down at his Pioneer Square office. First, if you just want to hear for yourself, here’s the unedited video (your editor here is the voice you hear asking questions; WSB co-publisher Patrick Sand was behind the camera):

If you’d prefer to read the highlights – key points are ahead, along with more about what’s next:

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Hang up and drive! Seattle Police, others plan special patrols

Click It or Ticket” will also be “Hands Off Your Phone, or Else” starting later this month, warns the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, which just announced: “Between May 20 and June 2, motorists in King County can expect to see law enforcement patrolling city and county roads in search of unbuckled drivers and passengers and drivers using their cell phones. Last year, during this same time period, officers on routine and extra patrols statewide issued 3,171 seat belt violations amongst the 11,047 motorists who were stopped. Similarly, last year during this time period, 1,059 cell phone violations were written.” The departments that’ll participate in these patrols include Seattle Police, says WTSC.

Five calendar highlights for your West Seattle Monday

Thanks to Long Bach Nguyen for the Alki aerial photographed during low tide on Saturday- not mega-low but low enough for exploration. Today’s lowest tide is at 1:39 pm and just short of minus one foot – still good for a walk. Here are some of the other highlights for today/tonight from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

DUWAMISH RIVER CLEANUP HEALTH-EFFECTS BRIEFING: With about a month left for public comment on the EPA’s proposed cleanup plan for the Duwamish River, the City Council will be briefed at 10 am today about how the proposal might affect the health of people who live near and/or use the river – and what more advocates think it should do. Here’s a preview on our partner site The South Park News; you can watch the briefing live via Seattle Channel (online or cable channel 21).

NDNC MEETS @ YOUNGSTOWN FLATS: Instead of meeting at the Delridge Library as usual, tonight the North Delridge Neighborhood Council will have its regular monthly meeting at newly opened Youngstown Flats (WSB sponsor). Time’s the same – 6:30 pm, but if you are interested in touring YF, there’s an optional tour BEFORE the meeting, at 6 pm. The main agenda items have just been announced:

DIY Bikes program – Stu Hennessey
Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition – Maria Lewis
Combined Sewer Overflow Program

Parking instructions from the NDNC website: “Drivers may park in the garage off of Dakota. There is a call box on the outside of the front door with directions to call the office for entry. We should have someone stationed outside to direct attendees.” (26th/Dakota)

YEAR OF THE SEAL: Find out more about Seal Sitters‘ project at a community meeting tonight, 7 pm at Alki Bathhouse, as previewed here earlier this month. (2701 Alki SW)

FAMILY STORY TIME: Our calendar features Seattle Public Library branch events throughout the week, but we like to highlight them here too – tonight, for example, it’s Family Story Time, 7 pm at High Point Library. (35th/Raymond)


May 13, 2013 7:13 am
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(Live view from the east-facing WS Bridge camera; other cameras are on the WSB Traffic page)
7:13 AM: No major West Seattle-vicinity traffic trouble reported currently as we head for the heart of the Monday commute. In the road-work department, this week is expected to see the Delridge Way repaving project move into its third phase, between Thistle and Kenyon; we should get confirmation of that from SDOT, along with detour details, within a day or so.

5:04 PM: Those detour details are out now – see the map here.

Also – a traffic alert if you head south to Burien: There’s a tree down in the southbound lanes of SW Ambaum, just south of SW 116. We have been covering it on our partner site White Center Now.

6:20 PM: And now a crash reported on southbound Delridge, between Andover and Genesee.