West Seattle 101: Westcrest Park Off-Leash Area

bookcover4.jpgfrom “West Seattle 101” by Lori Hinton
Walk up over the grassy hill and you’ll witness a panoramic view of the city skyline. Take a few steps further and you’ll see unusual movements between the trees and above the low-lying brush. They’re tails — tons of them—wagging with pure joy. And they belong to local pups who have found a place to call their own: Westcrest Park Off-Leash Area.


Featuring a doggie drinking fountain, more than four acres of grass, open spaces and paths for the pooches, plus benches, chairs, sheltered shade, and restrooms for the owners, this dog park is a place where dogs are free to run, roll over, and make new friends.

On any given day, you’re bound to bump into everything from a bunch of baying basset hounds and speedy little Jack Russells to happy-go- lucky Labs and mutts a-plenty.

Corey, a lucky yellow Lab, comes to Westcrest two or three times per week. “He’s a perpetual-motion machine,” smiles owner Barbara Brown of Morgan Junction. “If he knows he’s going to the dog park he starts levitating — bouncing up and down!”

So does Corey’s behavior mean that WestCrest is a good dog park? According to him, yes. And owners seem to enjoy it, too. “There is room to move here,” says Brown. “It’s big, and the dogs aren’t piled up on top of each other like they are at other dog parks.”

But off-leash areas aren’t just a bonus for the dogs and owners. They are also great for folks who aren’t big fans of the four-legged ones. “It keeps dogs in an enclosed area so they can enjoy themselves without bothering kids and people who don’t want to be close to them,” Brown explains.

So whether you have two legs or four, come see what’s making tails wag at Westcrest.

Note to Dogs (please have owners read):
• To come and play in off-leash areas, you need to be licensed and vaccinated.
• If you wear a pinch or choke collar, ask your owner to remove it when you come into off-leash areas.
• If you’re a puppy younger than four months or a female in heat, you are not allowed in off-leash areas.

Note to Dog Owners:
• You are liable for damage or injury inflicted by your dog and must be in control of your dog(s) at all times. Unattended dogs are not allowed.
• You must muzzle dogs that exhibit dangerous or aggressive behavior; biting, fighting, and excessive barking are not allowed.
• You must leash your dog when it is outside the off-leash area; you must carry a leash for each dog while you are inside the off-leash area.
• You must clean up after your dog(s) and deposit waste in the containers at the site, and you must visibly carry scoop equipment.
• You must closely supervise young children and only bring food into off- leash areas at your own risk.

Follow these simple and reasonable rules, and there’s no end to the fun your furry friends can have.


What: Off-leash area

Where: Westcrest Park, 9000 8th Ave SW (map)

Online: www.seattle.gov/PARKS/offleash_detail.asp?id=468
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