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    I’m curious if anyone else thinks it’s a bad idea expecting this year’s WSHS seniors to go back to school the day after graduation (to make up a snow day) when they will all be sleep deprived after staying up ALL night for Grad Night? Do they really expect the kids to be able to function normally and stay awake for classes that day? Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me! Why couldn’t they have used last Friday’s “in service-prof day” or some other day like that as a make up day instead?



    I’m not so old that I can’t remember my HS days and I spent many a night not ever going to bed and was still able to function the next day in class.

    I’m pretty sure this one time won’t kill any of them.



    I’m sure you’re right JimmyG. I guess I’m just an old fuddy-duddy! I just don’t think it benefits anyone or will accomplish anything worthwhile. Personally, I need my sleep. I expect there will be a few seniors absent that day.



    What will the school do if the students don’t show up that day? Withhold the diplomas? I graduated high school less than ten years ago and I can tell you that I would not have gone in for that day. And I was a good kid!



    Do you really think they are going to be actually getting any work done on that last day of school? I’m sure the kids are going to be busy signing year books which I’m sure the teachers allow since nobody can concentrate that last day.



    Will they have finished finals by then? Probably all the Seniors need do is show up for roll, so the School District can report to the state that they offered the full 180 days, or whatever, of instruction.

    And the kids can all trade stories about what they did the night before. And have a last chance getting yearbooks signed.



    Yeah, good points also about it being a yearbook signing day or something. So if there are repercussions for not showing up, it’s probably worth it to check into classes and hang out. But still – at my HS, classes ended for seniors about two weeks before other students. Graduation was the Saturday following the last day of classes, and I started a full-time nannying job on Vashon the following Monday. I still say I just wouldn’t show for that last day…


    That is crazy considering they already graduated the night before. Why would they go, they have their diploma. Whack!



    They could call in sick.



    It’s only the last day for seniors, the rest aren’t out until a week later. No Nuni, I don’t actually expect them to get any work done, that’s part of my point. Seniors usually get their yearbooks early any ways so they have extra time for signing because they are done sooner. They still have to go back at some point to get their actual diploma, and I don’t know if it will be that same day or not. Will they deny them their diploma if they don’t show and aren’t excused? I don’t know, I sure hope not, but not much surprises me anymore.



    That’s always an option Patrick! Even though I think it was poor planning, I would not stop my kid from going. Not if they want to and they feel they up to it.



    it could be a fun day for seniors…

    LOL… the potential for seeing the people they partied with the night before might beneficial…

    it could make them think twice about the concept of never seeing those people again so it doesn’t matter…

    i am sure that some will be calling in sick legitimately:)

    some things can’t have changed that much.



    I think it’s a great idea. The last week is all about socializing, anyway. I guarantee you there will be no academic expectations the last day.



    if you have already graduated…are you even a student at the school anymore? weird. no way would i go. all the yearbook signing will have already taken place the week leading up to graduation.



    They did this to us in ’04. I know I sure as heck didn’t go.

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