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    Is it just me or have our sidewalks been taken over by flowers, bushes and trees? I was pushing a stroller and found it hard to navigate the sidewalks so my kids weren’t smacked in the face by them. And as I am looking down to steer stroller away from overgrowth, I get hit on the head with low hanging branches! It’s easier to walk in the street, which isn’t safe for anyone. I’ve thought about walking around my neighborhood and cutting back growth myself but I simply don’t have time {note aforementioned kids + work}. So, in lieu of that is there anything that can be done to get our sidewalks back?!



    Hi, momonwestside, it looks like you may want to start here: https://www.seattle.gov/sdci/codes/make%C2%A0a-property-or-building-complaint

    In any case, even if that’s the wrong page, I believe SDCI is the department that would handle that.




    Yes; you can use the Find It, Fix It app to report those issues. I’ve done that and it was taken care of pretty quickly.



    Might I also suggest … if possible … try contacting the property owner before reporting to the city. Especially if you live in the neighborhood. Citations can cost money the property owner might not have, particularly in this economic crunch, and hearing from someone first might jolt them to get out with clippers.



    Read the other subject on this forum “Excessive noise from leaf blowers” maybe you were walking thru the complainants neighborhood…



    I advise against risking an unfriendly confrontation with the adjacent property owner. Call the City and it will send the property owner a polite postcard to remind them of sidewalk clearance requirements.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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