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    The music is so. Loud. So. Loud. I’m a resident and live across the street. I don’t want to be at a rock concert right now. West Seattle Brewing is NOT COOL. This is BS. Called non-emergency police and was told police aren’t responding to noise complaints. FML.



    This isn’t really a focused question but more of an appeal for people’s general experiences, thoughts, and suggestions.

    After 20 years of (more-or-less) of living on (or very close to) Capitol Hill, I (and my wife) will, at the end of May, be moving to West Seattle, quite near the Junction.

    Stuff we like includes live music, beer, vegetarian food, bars where you can actually have a conversation, and good bookstores. And I’m interested in taking in some new experiences too- we’re aiming to get bikes as soon as we move (I always found biking around the Hill and Downtown too stressful) and look forward to biking to places like Alki and Lincoln Park.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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