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    I’m a local (25 y/o) West Seattle resident with a green thumb and natural animal magnetism offering her services to come take care of your indoor & or outdoor garden and care for your pets whilst you are at work or out of town or whenever you simply do not have the time or energy to do so.

    Garden experience: I have my own personal garden with a vast variety of both local PNW plants and some rare/exotic plants from other regions of the world that actually thrive in our climate. I have experience using beneficial insects and using beneficial companion plants in the garden to eliminate pests and avoid the use of harsh chemicals. Knowledge of watering/feeding restrictions and best ways to maximize the growth of the plant.

    Animal experience: I’ve been around animals my entire life, 90% of the animals in my life have all been rescues including my 2 kitties. I have a natural “animal magnetism” or “Disney princess effect” whenever I’m near animals, neighborhood cats try to follow me home, squirrels & crows recognize my face and come up to me for peanuts anytime I’m outside. I am good with all kinds of pets with certain disabilities/anxieties or allergies and know which foods and plants are toxic to pets. Your pets would be cared for as if they were my own.

    I do not drive so I’m limited in places I can reach around the West Seattle Alaska Junction but am willing to be as flexible as I can, I’m up pretty early in the day too so my hours are quite open.

    References available upon request

    Email: Emyrolstad@gmail.com
    Phone: 206-769-8598



    I am in between jobs right now and would love to help you out. My phone number 206-941-9277. I look forward to hearing from you.



    Sea1994 & funibaby,
    **No ‘WORK WANTED’ posts – only ‘WE’RE HIRING’** Thank you

    Per WSB, This forum is for only jobs offered, not jobs wanted.
    Sea1994 has posted a job wanted
    and funibaby has responded to it as though it is a job offering.

    Double oops

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    Calm down dickweed police
    productive life of miserable unnecessary takedowns you have there
    but if i can respond to initial post i’m contacting you now and also good luck !

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