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    I’ve been meaning to pass on this tidbit for a while now.

    You run WSB on the WordPress platform and, when you paste an image on a page, you may be hurting your site’s load times. This is a very common mistake made with WordPress sites.

    Here’s the scenrio: You have an image that is larger than you need for its appearance on the page. You drop it onto a page and specify its size so it fits. All good so far. However, if the original image is larger than what you need, WordPress pushes all of that resizing work onto the visitor’s browser. In other words, the full-size image is sent over the connection to the visitor’s browser before it is resized by their browser to fit. This can really slow down page loading on a picture-heavy site like WSB.

    The proper way to do it is to resize the image as closely as possible to the desired final dimensions before dropping it on a page. That provides the optimum page-loading time.

    The effect can be significant. For example, if you have an image that is twice the size as is needed for the layout, resizing it prior to dropping it on a page will reduce the amount of data sent to the visitor’s browser for that one image by 90%.

    That is all.

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