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    Last night I was riding my bike home from work on Harbor Ave, about 1/4 mile past Westside Bike, when I hit something on the road when I was brushed back (not provided with that 3′ that the law provides for) by a car. I wiped out going about 20mph.

    Behind that lead car was 4 other cars. Now, my wipeout was pretty visibly startling since I wear a lime green jacket, my bike has lights on it, etc. IT had to be noticeable to the other drivers that I was laying on the ground entangled with my bike. No one stopped to see if I was alright. Not one. Fortunately, except for some holes in my tights and in every layer I was wearing on my torso, I sustained only a deep gash in my knee and some road rash.

    So thanks, West Seattle residents. Your kindness and empathy for others knows no bounds!



    I’m very sorry to hear this happened to you, Mark47n. Those drivers should be ashamed for not stopping to help you. I hope you are not too hurt, but I’m sure that this experience just added to the physical pain.

    It reminded me of an experience I had over a decade ago in North Seattle. I wrecked my motorcycle going about 25 mph on a one lane road. There were several cars behind me who were blocked by my wreck. The cars just stopped. They just stopped and watched as I slowly got up, hobbled and in pain. I lifted my motorcycle up all by myself and pushed it off the road. Limping and hobbled by my hip and shoulder getting slammed into the concrete. Not a soul got out of their cars to help me lift the bike. Not a person even rolled down their window to ask if I was okay. The experience was bruising emotionally on top of the physical pain.

    I guess Seattle kindness and empathy has not changed much since. I hope you heal quickly from this.

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