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    Looking for recommendations for a special dinner out in West Seattle. I’d like to try something new. I miss Maree on Alki. I sometimes like La Rustica. But we are looking for some new special places – not too noisy. Suggestions?

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    Kathy: I know you asked for WS but if you feel like venturing South, I HIGHLY recommend Osteria di Primo in Burien…. family-owned, authentic and delish!!



    Capitol Hill Dicks Drive-In (legendary), Manao Thai Street Eats, Sizzle Pie (slice and big salad for around $8 bucks I think), Rachel’s Ginger Beer and Sunset Fried Chicken Sandwiches, Juice Box (fresh juices, salads, scrambles and avocado toast), Frankie and Jo’s (plant-based ice creams). I found them when I was on a trip with my Apknite company. It’s worth a try!



    Special night out, Raccolto. We really enjoyed it.



    My first special night out in West Seattle ten years ago was at Ephesus. I’m surprised it doesn’t get mentioned more often.



    Oh my, YES, EPHESUS!! It is our “special” anything restaurant. Birthdays, anniversaries, etc. etc. And just any ol day, split a kabob dinner of your choice and order the Ephesus Plate, appetizers with all the goodies…mmmmmmm.


    Wes C. Addle

    None of these places are in West Seattle except for Frankie and Jo’s which doesn’t serve dinner.

    Sunset Fried Chicken is no longer in Rachel’s and hasn’t been for a while.
    Dick’s is late-night drunk-food, not a “Special Dinner” spot.
    Sizzle Pie is closing.

    I’d recommend Raccolto as previously mentioned along with Il Nido & Haymaker.



    Thank you everyone for the good suggestions and good memories. I forgot about Ephesus, but always have a good time there. And I love the food at Raccolto, but it’s too noisy. This is what happened: I was buying a gift for this occasion at Click and walked by Haymaker. I decided on a whim that this was the place. And wow. It was perfect. Delicious food, superb service. It was a little different than the usual. Pretty full, but not noisy and I got a last minute Sunday night reservation. They encourage you to share plates, so you can taste this and that. Again, the food was delicious. I’m not a cocktail drinker, but I guess they do that well. Wine selections were limited, but excellent and different. All in all, five stars for a celebratory night out. If you want more details on the meal, ask and I will write more. Let me say, I didn’t leave stuffed, I left very, very satisfied.



    Il Nido! We had our anniversary dinner there earlier this month and it was fantastic. Every course was excellent Italian cooking, delicious and creatively done. The wine was lovely. And the redone historic space was so atmospheric. It’s in the Alki area just 1/2 block from the beach.


    Michael Waldo

    We go to Ephesus at least once a month. We start to crave it. And now the desk is open with beautiful view of the Olympic mountains. Our other favorite special occasion place is Frankie’s B-town Bistro in Burien. Yum. Italian soul food as my Sicilian neighbor describes it.

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