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    Ms. Sparkles

    I just discovered that my 14 year old has been buying vape pens from an unnamed male senior at WSHS. Apparently they contact the dealer through Instagram and then meet outside the Girls bathroom at Hiawatha play field.

    So if you have teens who are hanging out at Hiawatha who are burning though cash, I suggest you check their stuff for vape pens. And if you have a Senior who comes back from Hiawatha flush with cash – please beg them to stop.



    Advice from a current smoker,

    DON’T START SMOKING OR VAPING, KIDS! It’s dang near impossible to quit, it’s expensive, and you’ll develop the “smoker’s cough” which is no fun.

    Be safe out there 👍



    @Ms. Sparkles: interesting that you neglect to mention that possession of vapor or tobacco products by persons under the age of 21 (that’s right, 21) is an infraction and that supplying said products to persons under 21 is a gross misdemeanor. In other words, this is a crime.


    Ms. Sparkles

    @mark47n- Interesting? I didn’t find that relevant to my warning & plea. I did file a police report and spoke with the head of security at WSHS, but I have no delusions regarding whether any resources will be applied to finding the dealer and prosecuting this gross misdemeanor.

    As for my child’s infraction, I’m unclear on what your implying…. do you think I should have asked the police to come and issue a ticket to my kid? I’ve dealt with my child, I’m begging the dealer’s parent (if they’re even aware their kid is dealing) to deal with theirs.

    If I had any hope of finding out the ultimate source (where the dealer is buying these things from) I would pursue that, but unless I find out who the dealer is, how can I find where he’s buying this stuff from? Not interesting. Frustrating, infuriating and upsetting.




    You don’t find my information, that dealing or being a minor in possession of vape products is a crime, relevant? Color me shocked.

    I implied nothing about your kid. I stated, clearly, that you neglected a critical piece of information in your original post, where you complained about the aforementioned dealing. IF your precious child were caught by the police they could cite them. The dealing is more serious, being a gross misdemeanor which can lead to jail time of up to one year and/or $5000 in fines. Oh, and a criminal record.

    It appears that you know the where and the how. You can twisted your kids arm to supply the who and you could’ve pursued this further. Did you? I can certainly tell you that I would’ve been made extremely uncomfortable had I been in the same position as a kid. This information could’ve been supplied to law enforcement, the school, and whomever you chose to tell it to. Did you do any of that or was your solution only to make an anemic anonymous plea on the blog?

    Parents have the power. Mine certainly did as did I when my children were in high school. Do you?



    mark47n, I’ve found your posts in the past to be inflammatory and unhealthy, this is another example. Are you suggesting she twist her child’s arm? I’m sorry you went through that as a teenager. She’s asking for help, and does not deserve to be vilified.



    @kroberts: We are all entitled to our opinions and I tend to express them in a manner that is forthright, a mode of communication that is uncommon around here and I make no apologies for it. That said, hijacking a thread to talk about me is pretty silly since you’ve added nothing to the conversation about illegal vape sales at Hiawatha.

    The OP is not asking for help, they are offering a mealy-mouthed warning about illegal activity in which their teen is entangled. That’s it. I pointed out that it is, in fact, a crime, and I was told it was irrelevant to the OP though they did report it to the police. I also contended that the OP has access to all of the information that they require to put a stop to this. They know what is happening, where it’s happening, how it’s happening and, through their wayward teen, they have access to the who, if even indirectly, but I have no idea what information the OP reported to the police.

    I presume you appear to take my statement about arm twisting to be literal, since it was convenient to your assessment of me and allowed the injection of a little pity for me – which I have no need or desire for. Also, I vilified no one. The term “arm twisting” is not literal, in this case, and is a common metaphor for applying pressure to obtain a desired result. In this case, the OP has their teen, who was illicitly obtaining vape. Some judicious application of parental pressure can produce names, or at least, more specific info.



    Sorry for the late reply and thanks for sharing this important information. It’s definitely concerning to hear about minors getting access to vape pens. Parents and guardians must stay vigilant and check their teens’ belongings for such items. While I’m also working on kicking the habit, I still vape sometimes. And recently I’ve come across a helpful resource: that offers quality vape products. So, I encourage you to explore reputable websites that provide information and products for responsible adult use. Remember, it’s always essential to make informed decisions and prioritize the health and safety of ourselves and those around us.

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