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    It seems this forum is split on politics and almost every social issue which shows us diversity in our community.

    So………we have been getting some of the best summer weather in my recent memory, in fact there are mornings I almost feel like I’m on vacation in another country.

    What do you think of the weather, so far, this summer?



    My household is split on this issue.

    I love it.

    My husband claims that if it gets any hotter, I’ll have to carry him around in a bucket. (Which means I’d better get the buckets ready, if this week’s forecast is anything to go by…)



    I’ll bite: I don’t like it. Sun doesn’t bother me, but heat over about 75 really drains me. And, tell me, what am I supposed to wear to work in a more-business-than-casual business casual office? Especially when I ride the bus into work and walk many blocks between home, bus stop, work, and back? I feel wilted by the time I get to work in the morning.

    I’m a Seattleite to the bone, and find rain, overcast skies, and temperatures in the 50s and 60s ideal. I realize this is an unpopular outlook, but I don’t care. ;-)



    I think Sunday was a perfect day…mid 70’s, sunny, but with a breeze, cooler at night. I’m not very happy with mid to upper 80’s, or 90’s. It’s simply too hot for me to work then (a sort of physical job)…and I’m in a second menopause, and that doesn’t help the internal thermostat, for sure ..hehe…

    But…we all know it will rain soon enough, and then…well, we’ll all complain that there isn’t enough we might as well live in the present, and like what we have, huh…



    JanS: I promise I won’t complain about the rain. I love it, and it serves a lesser-known purpose: a good excuse for a bad hair day. If my hair just isn’t cooperating, but it’s raining, I can casually commiserate with a coworker about how the rain messes up our hair. When it’s nice/dry out, I have no excuse.



    There is something about us Seattle people when we get a long stretch of warm/hot weather.

    I know what you mean… Everything changes, what to wear, stripping the bed comforter to just sheets, fans in every room, opening windows, etc…

    I love it, and after a long hot summer it always leads to my favorite season ~ Fall with the cooler air and indian summer…



    SarahScoot..I’m familiar with those bad hair days…I can definitely sympathize – lol.

    I think what’s interesting in Seattle is that when it finally gets hot, and you want to go shopping for cooler clothes, they’re gone, and the fall sweaters are already there. I guess I don’t plan ahead enough – lol..



    Born and raised in Seattle and love the weather. I love and appreciate the rain and winters also. Best place on earth. Hands down.



    When it gets hot…? When will that be? I haven’t been uncomfortably hot in all of the years that I have been here (Well, in the sauna :~)

    I am not a fan of the cold dark rainy season. But what I am a fan of are the people of Seattle, even those that push ahead to get on the bus. Not so much a fan of waitresses who filch sunglasses or dog owners who let their dogs charge forward to greet me an my dog. But all in all, the people in Seattle are what makes the weather bearable.



    I have to admit I am getting a bit cranky with the heat. Plus the mosquitoes are killin’ me this year – they attack me in my sleep!

    I do love it when it’s sunny – any temperature + sun = happiness :)

    But the 80 and 90 degree heat is getting old – maybe if I had AC, but alas…



    I miss the gloom and the rain .. I am not a fan of heat, but being from NY I came packing A/C’s =)


    The Velvet Bulldog

    OMG I love it! I am finally NOT COLD! I run colder than most people, so when everyone else is too hot, I’m finally comfortable. I love that I don’t have to put on multiple layers of clothing–less laundry. I love that I don’t have to turn on the heater–less expense. I love that it stays light late–more fun. It occurs to me that I may have been switched at birth and really belong to a Southern California family…



    Sarah’s weather please!



    Like it!

    Temps in the 70’s are ideal, but I’ll take 80’s over 50’s any day. Whatever the temperature, a day full of sunshine is great. :)



    The Velvet Bulldog- I’m with you… I generally can’t get warm but I actually went out tonight without wearing a coat! I still use a hair dryer to keep warm while typing on the computer throughout the day though, even these past couple warm days. Feels soooooo good.



    Having lived in places with that were way to hot and way to cold, I like Seattle’s climate variations just fine. The cool and rainy gets a little long by “spring” when it is warm and wet enough for the grass to grow but too cold to start the mower… but that is just the price we have to pay for the glorious several weeks of summer and sometimes the mild late spring and early pre rainy season fall.

    We all feel cheated when we get the occasional “Juneuary” and if we followed the directions for planting tomatoes (wait until the night time temps are above 55) we would not plant any in time for them to ripen.

    hmmm Who has tomatoes that taste like tomatoes yet? Start an auction thread. My earliest are still green.



    I’m with Alki and Velvet Bulldog- sun, warmth. I HATE being cold and wet and grey winter days give me the blues.



    We have had fans on with cross ventilation so i am not sure my electric bill will go down so much this summer… but home feels like a vacation cottage so we have been vacationing on the deck and are beginning to eat out of the garden. you would think i would have ripe tomatoes with all this sun.. but not yet:(

    this must be a fantasy:)



    Just remember folks.

    *This* is the weather we were all dreaming of back around mid-December! ;-)




    Seems like the nice weather was a late start this year, the winter was so damn long… but what a wonderful payback! I like it best in the 70’s ~ much warmer than that and lethargy sets in. Oh wait, that might have something to do with the relative number of cold beers as the temperature rises, hehe.



    LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! We went home to Atlanta last week where it was in the high 80s to low 90s (heaven!) and then we back to warm, sunny weather here! Although I did pull out a sweater the first night home. :)

    I don’t mind the cold, wet winters cause winter most everywhere is cold and wet, it’s the cold, wet summers that kill me…



    Love it & Velvet Bulldog may be we r related b/c i am the same way!



    I LOVE IT!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE warm weather. Being a true Northwesterner, I also love it when it rains or is misty. I’m less thrilled with cold winds and the cold cold winter we recently experienced. We are so lucky!!!



    I LOVE the cool and sunny summers perfect for hiking, camping and boating and I love the warm and damp winters. I’ve never been anywhere with a more all around preferable climate. I find it amusing when people complain about when it gets “hot” and was entertained when it snowed for two weeks in december and half the city panicked. The only down side I’ve found is that whenever I travel anywhere I can’t wait to get back to the northwest.



    let the weather hold so we don’t lose our tomatoes to blight :(

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