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    Can anyone suggest a good websit for finding roommates? The rent for my one-bedroom is being raised higher than I can afford. I’ve been looking for another in my price range but I can’t find anything. Since I really do like where I am I thought of getting a two-bedroom with a roommate. Craigslist doesn’t seem to have much besides young folks who are looking for someone in same age bracket. I’m kinda nervous about even thinking of getting a roommate so any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



    go to a school that will be better for u



    I didn’t say anything about a school. Perhaps I wasn’t clear? I live in a great apartment in West Seattle that I can no longer afford. It’s impossible to find a nice apartment in Seattle for under $1000. My options are to move away or find a roommate. But I’m middle-aged, fairly set in my ways, and not what most people on craigslist are looking for. Not sure what other sites to look on for a roommate that don’t require a fee.



    Getting a roommate can be very tricky. A good place to start is:

    You could research these sites. They might be able to help.

    Keep in mind this may not be the last rent hike in the next few years. As demand grows, so will the rent. What happens if the new roommate decides to leave, would you be able to afford the rent? Maybe taking a little side job might be a better option. Take all the money and put it in an account specifically for the difference in the cost of rent.



    I had no problem finding a housemate on Craigslist but I put the ad up myself looking for one. I had no luck when I just looked at the housing wanted ads. I got about 50 responses and was able to find a woman slightly older than me (I am mid 40s) who makes my home a better place to live and feels like family after only a few months. There are good people out there for sure!

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    There’s a list of housing resources on South Seattle College’s website.

    My friend told me about an app on there called RentHoop – Roommate Finder. It’s mostly students and I think it’s free for download on their website for

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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