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    Our cat died last December and we are finally ready to adopt a new member of the family. Does anyone have a good recommendation where to go locally to adopt a young cat (6months to 2 years old)? We had thought about checking out Kitty Harbor until I read the long list of terrifyingly bad reviews on Yelp, so I guess we are going to skip that location. Any other recommendations would be very helpful!



    The owner of Kitty Harbor and volunteers take their work very seriously and can often lack people skills. I was a volunteer there years ago and it took me awhile to understand their demeanor, but I then realized that they deal with saving kitties from horrible situations created by humans. It’s like talking to a tech help desk; they assume I’m the enemy. Their intentions are truly good.

    You can also check out Next to Nature for adoptions. I believe their cats are from the Friends of the Animal Foundation. We adopted one of our cats from PAWS Cat City in the U District and found them to be wonderful to work with.



    There are several places where you can adopt a cat nearby.

    Petfinders is a good place to start.

    The Humane Society for Seattle/King County

    Seattle Animal Shelter

    If you look online, there are many great organizations that you can contact. Some don’t have actual facilities, instead they use a network of fostering homes. You could also email Furry Faces and see whom they recommend.

    Another place to contact is the local vets. My friend’s parents lost their kitty and got a call a few months later about a cat that was left at the clinic. He turned out to be a BIG furry drooling love ball.

    As for Kitty Harbor… Everyone has different ideas as to what works and what does not. They do a wonderful job finding homes for lots of cats and kittens. They also make a special effort to keep bonded pairs together.

    Try to stay focused on the four-legged life you are trying to change rather than on the two-legged ones.

    Thank you for considering an older cat. They have so much love to give.



    TDKguy~~send me an e-mail, I might be able to help.

    swimbikeruneat @ g mail



    8 years ago I adopted a 4 yr old cat from Seattle Animal Shelter and she was a great cat. She had a cold as soon as I brought her home and my vet said that is typical of shelter cats. My mom adopted 2 teenage cats from Kitty Harbor last Sept and the process was smooth and everyone was so nice and professional. I adopted a teenager from KH 2 weeks ago and had the same positive experience. Delyn and all of her volunteers were nice and answered my questions. TKDguy, I went on Yelp and I was very surprised by all of the comments but really, people only like to complain. I read a lot of people didn’t like their rules and yes, they have specific rules for adopting and it’s their shelter. There are a lot of other great options already listed here but I wanted to say I regularly run by KH and the people have always been nice to me when I stop to say Hi and have been thru 2 adoptions there and both were great. Good luck!



    Wow – those Yelp reviews! We got our cat from Kitty Harbor a few years ago and didn’t encounter anything like that, and we did interact a bit with the owner. Good luck with your search, TKDguy!



    I asked for and got an older cat from Kitty Harbor five years ago. The only anguish involved was not adopting several of the kittens as well. I wanted them all.



    IMO, Yelp is not a reliable source for information. As j pointed out, shelter cats are often rescued from horrible situations, and employees are advocates first and foremost for the kitties. It’s not a retail establishment. I personally know people who were refused adoption with what I considered good reason; they were outraged, of course. I’ve called Delyn(?) for advice on a stray and she was very helpful – pulled over in traffic to talk to me, and followed up as well. I was impressed. Please note that I’m not connected with KH in any way, but they do good work and are worth a look.



    TKDguy, I suggest ignoring most of the negative Yelp reviews, and focus on the positive ones.

    I just went over there, and read, or closely skimmed, at least, probably around the first dozen. There are way too many, and most are way to lengthy, for me to thoroughly read right now.

    Now, I must caveat, that I have never been to KH (not allowed pets at my apartment), but, I have interacted with Delyn several times, while volunteering at pet related charity events, including one benefiting KH.

    Also, when I lived at Nickelsville four years ago, Delyn and KH played a great part in helping me, as NV’s Pet Coordinator, and Teri from Furry Faces Foundation, in the first round of S/N for Camp pets, down at Seattle Animal Shelter.

    Delyn stepped in and offered her services for transport to/from SAS, and night before, night after boarding at KH. The original plan was for Teri to arrange for a volunteer driver(s) outside of F3’s core group of volunteers, (who all work full time M-F jobs), to pick up the pets at NV the morning of the N/S, run them to SAS, then pick them up later in the day, and return them directly to NV.

    Besides being safer for the pets overall, since they would be able to be monitored at KH during their overnight boarding/recovery period, it saved one kitty’s life; she had an upper respiratory infection, that certainly would have killed her. Delyn recognized this, and boarded, and cared for the kitty for another week.

    Yes, Delyn is passionate. But, my interactions with her have always been pleasant. The events I have volunteered at tend to be fun, relaxed, social events, almost as much as they are charity events, and Delyn is actually a hoot to hang out with.

    Personally, I take negative Yelp reviews with a grain of salt overall, and mostly only use Yelp as a reference for getting more info on restaurants; menu, prices, hours, if I somehow can’t get enough info through Google, or elsewhere. Plus, after the issues that came up a few years ago, in relation to Yelp’s business practices, I’m not sure how much to trust them overall.

    So many of the negative reviews, including some of the ones I just read about KH, sound like they are from self-entitled people, that probably were offended because their way out of the realm of what is offered, request was denied. You know, like the menu states “No Substitutions”, and the customer wants…..a substitution!! One positive review, even suggested that very attitude, in that reviewer’s perception of the negatives.

    One negative reviewer seemed to think that the very first words on KH’s site, in bold, in the largest font available, should be: “By Appointment Only”. He apparently was too lazy, or too self-important, to move his mouse a little, and click on the “About” link.

    Kitty Harbor clearly states their policies on their website, and although it’s not wholly stated in the “About” of their FB Page, they direct people to the site, and have a link to the website right under that statement.

    Plus right there on the right sidebar of the Yelp Page, is a Statement from one of the KH volunteers that clearly states their policies, including by appt only.

    Yelp has it marked as “First to Review”.




    I recommended KH, based on their principles, to so many friends before I actually went there to try to adopt. My experiences with them were awful, turning what I thought would be a joyful experience of finding and bringing home a new-to-me cat into a frustrating and tearful one.

    I ended up finding the perfect cat for me at the Seattle Animal Shelter on 15th. She was about a year old when I adopted her. The volunteers and staff were friendly and helped me find my perfect match. I adore my new buddy. I couldn’t be happier with my experience with the shelter, I highly recommend them.



    I would like to add my voice to those recommending you give little weight to negative reviews of KH on Yelp. Delyn is knowledgeable and passionate, and, true, does not suffer fools gladly. I would put KH high on my list of places to look for your next family member(s). Read the policies before you go so you understand them. It’s actually easier to observe the behavior of the cats and see their interactions in KH’s large open space, so you get a better idea of personalities.



    **Here is another possible option.

    Seattle Area Feline Rescue



    Thank you for all of the recommendations! We found a very affectionate cat at the Seattle Humane Society and will be taking him home tomorrow. We also visited Emerald City Pet Rescue right across the bridge and they were very friendly and helpful.



    That is wonderful news TKDguy! Congratulations! :)

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