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    I’m looking for recommendations for some interior work. I have 2 large closets and a utility room that need new doors installed. Molding / trim work may be needed in some spots as well.

    The closets used to have sliding doors that have since been removed. I had intended to replace them with something more contemporary but they are odd sizes, not easily found at local retailers. Plus those DIY ambitions are long gone. May need to look at custom built, or modifying the wall opening.

    Utility room has a standard door that I’d like to replace with a bi-fold.

    I’d like someone who will hunt down some contemporary door options, arrange any finish work, and do the installation… affordably of course :)




    I’m a local general contractor and I’d be happy to meet with you to discuss the options regarding your project. I have several great local references you can speak with and a good source for custom sized doors.

    You can reach me at the number or email below.


    Mike Dolge

    Urban Build




    I’d recommend that you check out door options yourself, before choosing a contractor. This will give you an idea of the various possibilities & prices. Franks Doors in north Seattle (around 175th or 185th) & Pacific Iron & Metal’s Door Shop are where we shopped at for new doors when we were remodeling. If you are interested in finding doors that match the vintage of your house, or odd-sized doors, you might find what you need at Second Use, ReStore, or Earthwise. Any of these stores may be able to recommend good contractors depending on your specific project.

    There a lots of good contractors out there, but I’ve also seen many who buy & install very cheap doors that warp or look terrible after a short while, or that look out of place compared to the style of the house.



    Please call Tom at Quentin Construction.

    206 953-8197

    I have 25 years experience, am licensed and bonded, references available. Looking forward to hearing from you,




    I suggest you call Brian Anaka of Anaka Construction, 425.260.4863. He does custom finish work on multi-million dollar homes and is an expert in matching designs in older homes. He can come up with doors for you, too. His connection at a door company can save you quite a bit of money as opposed to running around and pricing things yourself. We hired him for our home and were thrilled with the end result. Good luck!



    Wundrgrrrl and any others planning to hire anyone to do work in or around your home:

    Please take the step of checking licensing, bond, insurance and workers’ compensation for anyone you hire (and make sure that if they hire subs, they run the same checks on them before signing subcontracts).

    It’s a simple check online at the state website:

    You can enter the company name, owner name or license number to search.

    The state requirements are there to protect you and help you determine if a contractor is following the law.

    On the subject of interior doors, I second Frank Lumber. They also have a great website with photos of how the doors are put together.

    Anne Higuera/Ventana Construction



    Hi Wundergrrl. Justin with J&M Remodel and Repair would be happy to come out and give you an estimate. Check out or call 206-915-5667. Thanks!




    Per the rules, you need to identify the fact that you are affiliated with J&M when posting.



    The problem with missmandy always putting comments on here is that Justin is her husband! Please make sure you check out whomever you choose. Get recommendations from people that have actually used someone and not just from their family members.



    just a thought, wundergrrl, but if it were me I would give my business to a WSB advertiser. Supporting local businesses who support the Blog with their advertising dollars just makes good sense.




    While I agree, not all small local businesses can afford the advertising costs in this economy. I see no problem with posting on the forums as long as there is full disclosure per the rules!



    good point jwws.

    It could also be looked at this way…why not give business to local businesses that don’t advertise on WSB, so that the business will have more revenue and can then afford to advertise on WSB?

    The best way to judge the quality of a service provider is by the honest recommendations of others, not just whether or where they advertise.



    All I said was “if it were me” – obviously anyone can choose to support whatever business they want.



    Hi all, I’m a bit late but I thought I’d speak up real quick. I have never been deceitful in any way while posting. I almost always make mention of my affiliation with J&M Remodel and in not doing so on this thread was not to mislead anyone it was simply because I was in a hurry and didn’t need to blurt a lengthy post. I apologize for not being more transparent but anyone can see by looking through the past threads I have posted, that I am clearly affiliated. I have never represented myself as someone who has used J&M and is recommending them, mostly I’ve simply thrown out our URL for the requester to check out if they were so inclined. West Seattle is a big part of my life and our business and I don’t see anything wrong with giving the option to anyone looking for work done to check out the website of our local construction company. Finally, (sorry so lengthy) I’m not looking to do any mud slinging here but JWWS shouldn’t throw stones as she has not always disclosed her affiliation with TJW in posts herself. Particularly one titled “Chimney (brick) Mortar Replacement/Patching” where she is specifically asked ,after referring TJW, if she was a friend/family member. That’s all. Thanks for letting me vent. I guess I’ve just gotten lazy with my posts, I’ll do better next time. :)



    We would be happy to come out and give you an estimate. We are local, licensed and bonded as well as a supporter of the WS Blog. We have had great success with Frank Door and would recommend you look there.

    West Seattle Design Build. or 206-938-0174

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