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    On my way to work this morning I discovered an injured baby squirrel. Cutest thing you ever saw. I have neither a car nor a cell phone and had no way to search for wildlife rehab contacts. I knew that if I could get hold of WSB I could get help, but no way to do that. So, I jumped on the next bus and went to my own vet in the Junction. I figured maybe they’d help me as I was a regular client with 3 “family members”. Not a chance. They wouldn’t even look at the little guy to tell me if he had a chance of making it, not even when I offered to pay, although they did offer to euthanize the baby – apparently whether he needed it or not.

    I’ve always read great things on the WSB about Lien, so ran down the street to their office. I explained the situation, and the receptionist immediately took the baby back to a vet for assessment. Unfortunately, he had multiple fractures and internal injuries as the result of some sort of attack, and had to be euthanized. They weren’t even going to charge me anything. I had to insist on making a ‘donation’. I was very grateful for their attention and compassion in stark comparison to the other place. They were even willing to share a tear or two. If I didn’t love my other vet (the guy, not the office) I’d be making a switch right about now. Thanks, Lien.



    Anonyme, First and foremost … Wow, that’s so awesome to hear you stopped on your way to work and went to not one, but two clinics. I can’t say enough great thing about Lien Animal Clinic! The people that work there are truly animal angels. I recently had to put my puppy of over 15 years to sleep because she was suffering from kidney failure. The entire staff at Lien showed a level of compassion and care that I will never forget. Just last week I received a condolence card from them. I could go on & on about how Lien Animal Clinic’s staff are exceptional in every way. Thanks Anonyme for giving credit where it’s due … by the way I say rave to you for your thoughtfulness & perseverance in helping the little squirrel.



    Anonyme, you really went above and beyond to help that little guy – it was wonderful to do that.

    And yes, Lien is absolutely awesome.



    Lien Rocks = FACT.



    I just can’t bear to see an animal suffer. Not any animal, including rodents. And a baby? Nooooo… I’m kind of a hardass when it comes to humans, but turn into jelly if an animal is involved.

    The mother squirrel who knocks on my door for snacks every night got some extras that day.



    Thanks, anonyme. As one who remembers in detail all animal sufferng I’ve witnessed (from a kid hitting a dog with a stick 30 years ago to a car hitting a cat in front of my house last year), I know how it hits you.


    Lien docs and staff are the BEST!! I wouldn’t think of going to anyone else.



    Agreed! They have taken care of my pets for 20+ years.

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