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    I know, I know this is going to cause outrage in the Prius community but I need to vent.
    Why are Prius drivers one of the worst drivers in the world??? I can’t count on my hand how many times I have either been ran into or have seen someone else be hit by a Prius driver I’ve even seen them take a right turn from the left lane and so on and so forth… Just the other day coming home from work I was headed WB on Roxbury where it turns into one lane well the Prius was behind me she sped up to my right and kept pushing herself into the passenger side of my car until she finally got in front of me, I was well behind the car in front of me a good 1 car length but she kept on until she squeezed in of course I laid on the horn and all I got out of it was the middle finger.
    What do other people think???

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    This is a good example of confirmation bias. We see one Prius driver acting badly, and then when we notice another bad Prius driver, we start to build a story that Prius drivers are just bad. And then when we do that, we tend to forget or ignore all the other drivers of other makes behaving poorly, so eventually it just becomes all Prius, all the time.

    Not saying that I’m immune to this. To me, Subaru drivers are the worst ever ;)



    LOL!!! Yes you are correct Scott…in oh so many ways! ;>)



    Hah! I was just thinking about how awful Prius drivers are. Yes, confirmation bias all the way. I had a hunch and now that’s what I see. I also see a Prius and now assume ride-share driver (speeding, illegal loading, distracted driving). There are grip of rideshare drivers out there and they are easy to recognize by their Lyft/Uber paraphernalia. My partner swears Audi drivers are the worst. Regardless, walking and biking in this city is one of the most daring things I ever done with my life, and I blame all the Prius/Audi/rideshare/Subaru/insert other brands here drivers.
    Also worth noting, a Prius driver killed 1 and injured a few others by Canlis last week–some more confirmation bias for us all.

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    And I do believe the SPD are still looking for the alledged “Prius” driver that hit and killed the bicyclist back in November 2017 in the SODO Area. So Subaru, Prius and now Audi…
    Quote from the Seattle Times:
    “Seattle Police are looking for a white or silver colored 4-door compact hatchback, similar to a Toyota Prius, with “obvious right front headlight area damage.” They urge anyone with information on the vehicle to contact SPD’s Traffic Collision Investigation Squad at (206) 684-8923 and ask for Det. Sanders”

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    Mei here…I meant WB on Roxbury not EB! DUH!!!I can drive but I don’t know directions I guess LOL!



    Sorry but that is such a silly statement.
    just like;
    All ______ people can dance.
    All Irish are ________.
    Little men in big pick up trucks are ________.



    Should be—Little men in big trucks “HAVE”____ not ARE!!! HA HA!



    Vanessa, I agree that it’s confirmation bias but let’s not take it as far as your generalizations. They’ve already discussed the fact that Prius cars are the go-to car in the ride-sharing pool, so it’s perfectly normal to see a Prius and assume it’s a Lyft or Uber (or even a taxi). As a pedestrian, I agree that any car can and likely has a driver that wants to run me over. As a Lyft user, I think about half of my drivers have been safe, calm drivers and the other half drive just as aggressively as any insane taxi driver.



    Confirmation bias or not, I have to agree with the OP and know many people that share the same sentiment. While it may be a generalization, this has been observed since the Prius model first came out but has been accentuated given their popularity with rideshare drivers.



    Finally somebody else noticed and said it! Prius drivers are totally the worst! Anytime I see a Prius I give it a wide berth these days. No signals, pulling out without looking and now with the Lyft/Uber menace it’s getting worse. Just stopping in the middle of the road is not OK- we don’t care that you are making less than minimum wage and are trying to squeeze in as many fares in a day as you can.

    My personal opinion is the strong electromagnetic fields present in a Prius due to the hybrid drive system is messing with the driver’s mental abilities.



    why is noone talking about people who drive yellow jeeps who ‘off road” on our city streets?



    I hate to say it folks but Mei is right according to this slightly dated study. I would extend the rude BMW drivers to include Audi drivers and Mercedes drivers. (I own a seldom-driven BMW).


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