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    See video of a stand up President. admitting his mistake.

    ► We know they ran Iran/Contra in the 1980s. Selling guns to the I-ass-hollah and using the money to pay for an army of goons in Nicaragua, in direct violation of a Congressional order: Give these guys an “A” for creativity.

    Speech to the Nation…

    Videos of the Parade of Fools re: Benghazi ?



    Yeah, rattling off a list of past “accomplishments” of te CIA still doesn’t mean you have any real info except what they want you to have.

    I can assure you the public has no idea what’s happening except what they want you to think you know.

    But still, enjoy the sideshow.



    >>I can assure you the public has no idea what’s happening except what they want you to think you know.

    –Ha. Actually, no, WC. You’re quite wrong about that. Do you think that space aliens are running the CIA and they’re using some kind of mind control ray to keep us all in the dark? Kind of sounds like it from your comments.

    Nope. In spite of your romanticized view, I’m afraid that the CIA is run by ordinary human beings with ordinary damage control capabilities.

    All of the information I’ve listed above has been corroborated with witness testimony or the unveiling of documents in response to lawsuits. Much of this is info that CIA tried (and failed) to keep secret.

    It’s true that the CIA has some really smart, dedicated people working for it. But if anything, it seems to have more than it’s share of bumbling fools. And the fools tend to percolate to the top, as we’ve seen with Gen. Petraeus.

    Feel free to respond, but please avoid saying things like, Sure. That’s what THEY want you to think . . . because that doesn’t impress me.

    As I see it, that just tells me you don’t know anything about the CIA and you’re trying to CYA by claiming that since YOU don’t know anything about it, NOBODY knows anything about it.

    Now take a look at THIS:





    How can you “asure” us worldcitizen? Ever been in Foggy Bottom? Tell us what amazing insights you have… you can skim over the intel briefings… just an outline. First hand is ok… you had an uncle who knew a CIA operative would be second hand.





    No, you heard me right, Senator.

    Eight-star general. Four on each shoulder. See?

    Let’s count them together, shall we?






    . . . and the blue one is for campfires.

    And the red one is for knot-tying.

    And the wingie-thingie is ‘cuz I jumped out of an airplane once.








    Of COURSE I had a parachute!




    I didn’t say anything about space aliens. You did. I didn’t say I knew anything about the CIA or it’s operations except for what they release to the public. I don’t have any amazing insights into the CIA as you seem to think I’m implying I do either. Do you? Because you two (DBP and Kootchman) seem to be hinting that way.

    What I see is the ability of the CIA to with hold the lion’s share of information about just about anything of substance from the public in the interests of national security. I see redacted documents whenever information is released. I see public figures operating with limited congressional oversight gathering sensitive information about corporations, foreign governments, and conducting covert and tactical operations on foreign soil to influence policy. All of these things I see as well as anyone else…no better and hopefully no worse.

    When are those documents going to be released relating to the Kennedy assignation? 2038 or some such nonsense? Now I’m not one of those out there screaming cover-up or conspiracy, but you have to acknowledge that this is a pretty clear example of how little you, or anyone else, knows about what is really going on inside the CIA.

    I mean, they were conducting an unnamed covert operation for EIGHT years before Congress even found out about it in 2009. And even then, they didn’t say what it was.

    I don’t have a romanticized vision of the CIA. I have a realistic one. I understand it’s likely a bureaucracy much like the rest of the government. Just because they fuck up every once in a while and the results are highly visible, doesn’t mean you actually have the whole story…or even most of it. You may from time to time, but I would bet otherwise. You have what was released and what was necessary to deal with the problem in the public light.

    Now, tell me what personal experience with the CIA you two have to assert otherwise?





    Let me be frank with you, Mr. Frank. I don’t even REMEMBER what the pink ribbon was for. I think maybe it had something to do with Vietnam.

    Oh no. Wait . . . Heh-heh.

    I had it turned the wrong way out.

    Here it is . . .

    “Jefferson County 4-H

    Lop-eared Bunny Exhibition

    Third Place”





    please go fishing

    it’s clear that you could use a vacation



    Hey, did you hear the one about the gentleman who was hired to read other gentlemen’s mail?

    –No. What about him?

    He got in trouble with a lady who wasn’t his wife.

    –Oh? How did that happen?

    It appears that some gentlemen were reading his mail, too.

    –Hm. Vell watchoo know ’bout dat?





    the Kennedy assignation? Ooh, is there video?

    And the ‘campfires’ one was nice. It’s right next to the Dutch Knight Grand Cross with Swords of the Order of Orange. You want chocolate with that?



    @JKB I stand by my statement, the CIA are hired guns not boy scouts, Petraeus included. The US military is held to a higher standard but just . . . that’s why Blackwater contractors exist. Hey nation building WITHOUT the $707 billion dollar budget for armament is- the Peace Corp. The Petraeus’ scandal pales in comparison to DP’s abbreviated laundry list of CIA adventures.




    After the series of posts from DBP, the link you posted listing medal awards suggests you are satirically challenged.



    Peace Corps? Wavy Gravy in charge?



    You could do vorse.

    In 1978 Wavy Gravy and others started the nonprofit Seva Foundation, which funds international health programs for the poor. The first fundraising concert for cataract surgeries for blind people in India was performed by the Grateful Dead, arranged by their offical clown, Wavy. Wavy Gravy also runs a peacenik children’s clown camp, Camp Winnarainbow.

    “I’m sure that some people could regard Wavy Gravy as a leftover from the ’60s crowd,” says James O’Dea, executive director of Seva Foundation, upon whose board of directors Wavy sits along with a host of MDs and PhDs. “After all, here is this guy who is still hanging out with tie-dyes and seems lost in the ’60s. But he really took the ’60s idealism and made it his life, and practiced it. We live in a time when, in some ways, there has been a certain unscrupulous use of morality and family values and official religion and righteousness in the public domain. What a remarkable contrast to somebody who spends the summer with inner city kids and the kids of homeless people, teaching them circus performing arts. He is your board member who is always there, who comes to every event, and who is helping you raise money for the ‘eyeballs’ in India, as he says. He is clearly a person who does his own inner spiritual work in a very persistent way and then matches it with his walk in the world.”

    Wavy’s real name? Hugh Nanton Romney, he should be your guy.

    At 76, though, I think he should be allowed a rest.







    . . . an’ I got a medal for not contradicting the President in public.

    And another one for persuading Congress to keep funding the war.

    And I even got one from a private company. Did you know that? –KBR.


    No, they don’t sell chicken.

    Equipment n’stuff I think.

    Yeah. I’ve made “KBR Employee of the Month” seven times now. And I’m not even an employee of theirs, technically.





    . . . so then the pretty writer lady said, “I’d like to see you without a stitch on, big boy.”

    (And I laughed, ‘cuz girls never say stuff like that to me. It’s usually the opposite thing they wanna see.)

    And I said, “You mean . . . you wanna see what I look like when I’m not wearing ANYTHING?”

    And she said, “Yeah, tiger!”

    And I said, “OK. How about I e-mail you a picture of me in my birthday suit?”







    I expect DBP recognized the compliment for what it was.





    Senator, did you ever have a lady do a “biography” on you?

    Well, listen. Don’t knock it till ya try it, see?

    You’ll feel 20 years younger. It’ll put that spring right back in your . . .

       back in your . . . um . . .


    Your step!



    I’m telling ya, after that first bio-job, you can’t hardly wait for the next one.


    I asked the wife: “Why don’t YOU ever give me a bio-job, honey? Why do I have to go to strangers to get one?”



    HMC Rich

    Amazing. This never gets fully answered by the Administration because they cannot tell the truth.

    Read this and see the sad comedy of errors our government has shown us.

    At least Susan Rice has now stated that the video was not the cause. Although Hillary needs to get her story straight too.

    Something is getting covered up. If it wasn’t, the answers still wouldn’t be trickling out.

    Sorry Administration. NO SALE.




    sorry.. no interest in this manufactured scandal…

    especially the part where we blame the govt mouthpiece for repeating the CIA briefing…


    HMC Rich

    No, but the truth is something that is sadly lacking in politics and the people you generally support are showing they do not care unless their agenda is supported.

    Keep denying it but it won’t go away. The story keeps changing. I guess truth doesn’t matter to the left.



    Here’s the important part of your link…

    “Late Tuesday, a CIA official confirmed to CBS News that someone within the CIA made the changes. The official combined all previous explanations for the edits stating: “The information about individuals linked to al Qaeda was derived from classified sources, and could not be corroborated at the unclassified level; the links were tenuous and therefore it made sense to be cautious before naming perpetrators; finally, no one wanted to prejudice a criminal investigation in its earliest stages.”

    Something bad happened. Responsible govt officials are investigating to figure it out. While they are doing so, 3 Republican stooges are trying to gin up a scandal and politicize the situation. The story keeps changing because the investigations are still in progress but the 3 stooges can’t wait for the process to go forward, otherwise they lose their chance to bloviate in front of TV cameras.

    Those to whom the truth doesn’t matter are the bloviators that refuse to let the FBI, CIA, and responsible agencies complete their investigations to determine the truth.So, actually, you’re incorrect in your statements.



    The way I see it, Rich, you don’t know the truth any more than I do. But, hey, Obama is lying+- about everything he’s ever talked about, and the left is blind to it, and Susan Rice is a stupid bimbo ( not your words, but words that were spoken by someone else on here a while ago).

    Thanks for believing what you hear on your right wingy radio/TeeVee stations…



    Hey Rich,

    You wanna’ get all indignant about terrorism and the lying gov’t? How loudly were you screaming as the facts came to light about Cheney/Bush/Rice/Rummy blowing off “hair on fire” intelligence about OBL ready to attack us? 3000+ people died with advance knowledge of pilot training and tons of Al Qaida chatter. ‘Member that? How many heads rolled after that? Hmm…thinking…thinking…

    Oh, and you know there were other embassy attacks during Shrub’s tenure, right? Right?

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