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    We stopped by Pecos Pit on the way home yesterday to get some BBQ for holiday dinner. Got 1/2 pound each of pork and brisket, all the sides and got two pork sliders.
    The Pork was greasy and barely tender but had reasonably good flavor. Brisket was dry and clumpy but somehow exuding grease on the wrapper as well. Neither of the meats came with any sauce and in the case of the brisket this was a real problem. The potato salad was the favorite of the sides . The beans had a nice spice to them but they were mushy. Coleslaw was too complex and should be more evenly chopped – the large pieces were wrong – and the Cowboy Caviar was okay but needed seasoning. The sliders had sauce but it was bitter and the buns were mushy. Not worth $3 apiece. In fact none of it was priced appealingly but I guess they have to pay for all that renovation and staff hollering/call-and-answer.

    So in short, nothing was was better than “just okay” and a couple things were plain bad. But we’ve crossed that off the list and know I know I’d rather drive a bit further to Pig Iron or even closer but better at Jones. If it weren’t for the drive through it would have no appeal.



    Jones is currently offering an awesome special buy one-get one free pork sandwiches. And they’re doing it every day! Just ate there yesterday and it was great. We still love the original Pecos Pit in SoDo, but have no interest in the West Seattle version.If we want the Pecos Pit food I think we’ll drive the extra 7 minutes.



    I agree. The Pecos Pit in SoDo is where I go despite the fact that the WS location is more convenient. The quality difference is night and day.



    Pecos Pit in SoDo is worth the drive



    WS Pecos consistently forgets the sauce, watch out!



    the owner of this particular spot is Gerry Kingen, who also owns Salty’s. He, being a seasoned restaurateur, should know better. He’s flying on the success of the original one…time for him to step up and make it right. I, for one, will only frequent the original one, for personal reasons, so have never eaten there…but your all personal stories would not make me want to go there, for sure. Thanks for your input, and heads ups :)



    I agree! I had also visited there with my friend.



    If I’m going to cross the bridge for BBQ, I’m headed to the Pig Iron instead of Pecos.



    No need to cross the bridge…Head over to White Center and Drunky Two Shoes BBQ. Just opened and is fantastic.

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    Your description is exactly our experience and we tried them twice. unfortunately I won’t try a 3rd time. Fortunately there are plenty of people looking for lunch and/or not wanting to make their own dinner. Best of luck to all.



    JanS, that’s interesting about Gerry Kingman of Salty’s renown also owning this Pecos location. Salty’s has incredible views, but the food, for the most part, is overpriced and nothing special. Still, with Salty’s prime location, I imagine it makes tons of money for Kingman. Besides mediocre food, there’s another reason I don’t patronize Kingman’s places. Let’s just say our political views are miles apart.



    Jeannie…I’m with you on that…has been years since I have been to Salty’s….I’d say about 8 or so ;-)



    I agree

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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