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    I went there this evening with my wife, mother-in-law, and a seven month old. I have worked and owned new restaurants, and I know not to expect to much during the first month. This place nailed it though.

    The service was amazing from the moment we walked in the door. The food was incredible. They have a cabbage and fruit slaw that is amazing. The injera is a little tart and sour, just perfect.

    Mostly I was amazed at how accommodating they were to our kid. They brought out bread and rice to see if he liked either. They told us what was in the rice, and made sure it was not to warm.

    I can not wait to go back.



    Thanks for the review! (I was dining in your neck of the woods – went to Uncle Mike’s for the first time – the vegetable sandwich was incredible.) Looking forward to trying Pan Africa sooner rather than later. – TR



    I was there last night as well. We thought the service was very good, if a bit overwhelmed at one point as several groups of people arrived at one time, but the servers made sure everyone was taken care of.

    The veggie samosas were great, and the cabbage slaw (with melon – I am allergic dang it!) was very good even though I couldn’t eat much of it. I want to go back and try all of the appetizers. The 1/2 chicken with two sides (you must try the cilantro/coconut potatoes) was enough for my friend and I to share, and they graciously added a side of injira for us, rather than the rice that standardly comes with the meal.

    They don’t have a liquor license yet, but we were directed to the Juneau St. Market for wine and selected a decent bottle of Cab Sauv to bring in that was most excellent with the meal.

    I’m going back this weekend.



    I haven’t eaten there yet but pass by all the time, especially when they were painting out front. Great owners. Welcome to the ‘hood!



    Thank you all for the great reviews everyone!! We’ll go there this weekend. Welcome, Pan African Grill!



    Another rave for Pan African Grill. Went there Friday night. I always enjoyed the Pike Place Market location, but it’s even better to have one within walking distance. Yummy food, friendly staff, cool decor – especially the artwork, the Africa table, and the elephant sign. A perfect place for a casual, leisurely meal or to get dinner to go.



    Ate there last night. The staff are super friendly and the food was great! We split a starter of black eyed pea patties, I had the ground nut stew that comes with rice and that delicious slaw, boyfriend had the doro wat (chicken) that came with sides of carrots/green beans and a cabbage dish, served on the injera. We’ll certainly be back.



    We went there on Tuesday and shared a nice platter of Ethiopian dishes (veggie combo and doro wat) with my wife and 4 year old daughter. The food was very solid – not the most flavorful lentils or cabbbage but the chicken had a nice bite and the carrots were perfect. We were surprised it was a little slow to deliver the plate, but everything was fresh and tasty and the people were very sweet and friendly. We’ll definitely be back.



    That’s great service considering they just started. Must have trained their staff well. Or maybe that’s their real personalities. Whatever it may be, sounds like they are doing a great job.



    We dined there last night (a Tuesday). Got there just before the major dinner crowd…The food was SO good. I love North African food, but their’s is the most tasty I’ve ever had in Seattle. We folks in West Seattle are LUCKY! Our waitress was great. I will return, perhaps tomorrow.



    I don’t know what the food critic at the Seattle Times was talking about, but every morsel we had at Pan Africa was delicious – well prepared, just spicy enough and tummy pampering.

    To start, the veggie samosas with cabbage slaw. After their slaw, any I’ve eaten before is pedestrian and boring. Along with the julienned cabbage and a wonderful mixture for the aioli, there was pineapple and melon. I think I’d like as accompaniment to just any of the entrees. The samosa were perfectly fried, crisp and slightly spicy.

    Something else we had was an African chenin blanc, something earlier diners there seemed to have been missing as recently as 2/2, lucky us.

    I didn’t ask about the full bar, but wine and beer were available. They have their liquor license.

    For a main course had the vegetable platter for two with 2 entrees ($32) Рgreens, carrots & green beans, red lentils, cabbage and potato served with on a bed of injera, with extra injera on the side. For the meats, we selected the Doro Wott, tender chicken simmered with garlic, onions and red pepper; and lamb tibs saut̩ed with onions, peppers, tomatoes and spices. We have had a similar dish at Queen Sheba, but Pan Africa out does the Queen pulling away. The morsels of meat were tender and succulent. The veggies done just right and the injera slightly tart and tangy.

    Our server was a delight, she helped us select our choices and was present at the right moments.

    Before the wine, the tab was $38, adding the wine in brought it to $64.

    If you haven’t tried Pan Africa Grill, do so, it’s not to be missed.



    I wish, I wish they were open at 4 rather than 5, or at least weekend lunch. We’ve missed hitting them for dinner at least 6 times because we’re on an early schedule and in bed by 6-6:30. Darnit! We’ll get there eventually.



    I ate there last week and it was good, spicy and tasty. The only thing I didn’t like was that they didn’t offer a desert. I was anxious to try Everything African. She said they would have desert by summer.

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