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    An idea popped into my head the other day for what I think might be an interesting topic. Can people report odd, weird, strange, unexplained (etc) things they have seen around West Seattle? For example, last night, I saw a guy walking up the eastbound hill of the West Seattle bridge as in he was heading up to 35th on the narrow curb.. how did he get there, there was no stalled vehicle anywhere. Homeless are beginning to beg for money at intersections like other areas of downtown. Or, maybe you have seen acts of road rage like I have seen or confrontations at construction sites, UFO’s, El Chupacabra, etc..



    We get lots of e-mail about interesting sightings and post many of them on the main page, and also get sightings that require some followup, which we then do. The forum’s open for that too — it’s why we keep “open discussion” and several other topic areas rather than silo’ing everything off into very specific topic areas — you never know what amazing, interesting, helpful, annoying, heartening, whatever’ing post will pop up next! – TR



    I see bizarre stuff every time I walk out the door. I don’t see the homeless or road rage incidents to be odd exactly. I did see a guy riding a bike on the upper bridge a few days ago, that was sorta odd.

    My most memorable recent experience with oddity was a couple of weeks ago on the bus (I was on the bus; the odd thing was not). I took the 54 out of downtown and was heading towards bev place. We (the bus) were stopped at the light at alaska & fauntleroy when I saw an otherwise normal looking adult male exit the shell station with a gallon of milk. The light was about to change so he hurried across fauntleroy, darting suspicious glances all around while he opened up the milk. He then continued in a rapid fashion down alaska and proceeded to pour the milk out onto the sidewalk very carefully, in segments about six feet long and six feet apart as he continued his rapid gait. He continued to do this as long as he was in my range of vision (the light changed, the bus went on its way). Questions that persist include, Why was he pouring the milk out? Why was he being so careful about where it fell despite obviously being in a hurry? What was the nature of his suspicion? Does the Shell station even sell milk by the gallon?



    austin – That is extremely odd.

    When we first moved here (October), we noticed a particular light pole in our neighborhood that was always covered with fliers for lost pets.

    One day, as we drove by this light pole, we noticed a flier that had a picture of a gold fish in a tank with the word “LOST” above it.

    Not really ODD, but also not something you see everyday and we got a kick out of it.



    Well, this isn’t WS, it was at 3rd & University right now – a woman riding a bike down the sidewalk with a red lace veil on her head, sunglasses, and a white plastic tiara, carrying tons of stuffed plastic shopping bags.



    Interesting milk dude story.. Yeah, just to clarify, I don’t think homelessness or road rage is odd but was just wondering what people have seen or experienced that is out of the ordinary in general, whatever it may be. Uncommon occurances.



    So, Sue that must have been a one woman show, LOL. Thanks folks, keep ’em coming.


    my husbands family all huge construction boys swear to the heavens above that they saw ufo’s flying over the andover hill when they were younger. they get very upset when we make fun of this particular story….i personally would have to see it to believe it. And are we talking supernatural?, what is the real story behind rainbow man who haunts shmitz park?



    Say what changingtimes?

    A rainbow man haunts Schmitz Park?

    I would love to hear that story.



    Not odd but irritating. At Safeway in Jefferson Square, there’s always a homeless guy in front of the store asking for change. There’s a sign right there too saying no loitering.


    i must have my say here about the homeless guy in front of safeway, are you talking about the guy who sells the real change magazine? because those are the people who i really support. i think that they are really trying to do something with there lives not just bootlegging for beer and drugs, i make a real effort to give money to the real change folks. but anyways about the rainbow man.. im not sure im going to have to ask my husband for more details, rainbowman is supposed to be an old west seattle haunt, something that grandmas warned there kids about, the guy comes out and takes children who are found wandering around..i know, i know sounds funny, but i guess on some days of the year you can see little colored footprints all around the drainpipes in shmitz park. Ive heard about this myth from a few oldtime westseattlelites…and its fun to tell around a campfire this time of year…but just seeing if anyone had a better version of the story….



    changingtimes –

    i’ll be lookin’ for them colored footprints around the pipes next time i walk the dog down there.





    The rainbow man story is driving me nuts!! LOL I’ve been searching the internet and a couple of books we have here at home on haunted Seattle and I’m not finding anything. LOVE that kind of stuff though!

    The strangest thing we’ve seen is the BIG coyote out back here. Not even sure if it is full coyote because he has a pretty black coat. Our neighbors have caught glimpses of him as well but nobody has seen him full on. I believe there must be a den down behind the business that is over the hill from us. It is all grown over and it is a fairly deep area along a steep bank. Prime spot for a den.

    I’ll ask the other Shibaguy tomorrow morning if there is anything he can think of that we’ve seen that is odd…



    I keep wondering about the pair of boots currently on the West Seattle Bridge highrise — eastbound, one at the top and another partway down the east side. Did someone take off their shoes and jump? (I hope not.) Or did the shoes ride along on the top of a car and fall off at that point?



    Anyone else care to add their super-natural stories?


    I love ghost stories….during the day…do you watch A Haunting on the discovery channel?? my fav!!!

    West Seattle High School – located at 3000 California Avenue SW in West Seattle, designated a Seattle historic landmark, the school is closed to outside visitors while classes are in session, and is haunted by Rose Higginbotham, a student, who hung herself at the school in 1924.

    The school is adjacent to Hiawatha Playfield, an Olmstead Legacy Park designed and built in 1911. Rose Higginbotham and other students as well as apparitions of animals have been seen in the park at sunset and sunrise during periods of heavy fog or on deeply overcast days.

    West Seattle (i believe hearing this house is in the admiral district) i apologize for the term used in this story, i hope nobody is offended it came from http://www.theshadowlands.net/places/washington.htm

    Andrew’s Rainbow House – A young man named Andrew who was homosexual finally decided to tell his father he was homosexual. His father freaked out and killed his son and himself. The next morning the house was painted rainbow colors on the front and the back of the house is an array of colors and swirls. There is also colored tile on the roof and a gray letter “A” in the tile roof. The house has been painted before but the next day the house is always backing to the rainbow colors. The house was shown on “Unsolved Mysteries” for the unexplained activity.

    Seattle – Georgetown – Central Baptist Church – Mysterious sounds, slamming doors, and strange old man sightings haunt this Korean Baptist church. This was a former Masonic church which was once used to sacrifice animals and supposedly humans. Visit this building alone and you’ll experience first hand of the level of demonic hauntings in this building.

    Seattle – Rite Aid – West Seattle – Rite Aid used to be a mining place in west Seattle and it is rumored it has a spirit that will turn off lights, set off alarms, and even call employees and hang up.

    Seattle – West Seattle – Suicide Bridge – There’s a bridge located in Seattle. Supposedly, a person had committed suicide by jumping off a bridge with his dog. You can see the chalk marks still when you go there and around 2-4 am people have seen the man with is dog by the beach near there staring at people.

    West Seattle – Kabuta Garden – The place is a big Japanese garden and at night you can supposedly hear ghosts whispering at night. Strange howls of winds could also be heard as you go down the path nearing the house.



    I love this sort of stuff too. Thanks. I never really gave that haunting show a chance, can’t get over the night vision look of the show with the glowing eyes and green faces. I live near Hiawatha/WSHS and did not know about those things there. Thanks!



    I love those stories too!

    Pretty interesting.

    The only thing “haunted” I have seen is a particular house on Ferry St. that is obviously vacant and my daughter makes me stop in front of it all the time so she can just stare and watch for ghosts.

    It does look pretty creepy, but, again, the only person I know of who has designated it “haunted” is my 8yr. old daughter.



    There is a spooky picture supposedly of Rose if you google her name. Click the first link (friars).



    I’ve grew up here in West Seattle, same house for 25 years, and I’m a 3rd generation graduate of West Seattle High School, yadda, yadda, yaddaa. Not that I’m special or anything just makes memories a little more interesting.

    As a girl and even to this day I was always puzzled by this man who used to twirl a baton while riding his bike dressed in women’s clothing and a red wig. He always used to ride along Beach Dr. SW and Alki Beach. I still see him occasionally, and it’s the same wig, but it’s very matted and he is much much slower on his bike and no baton.

    Anyone remember him??

    Also down on Beach Dr. SW, across the street from Mee Kwa Mooks Park and south one block lived an old woman who would faithfully take down her flag every day at sunset. Some of you might remember her she had very long gray hair that was often braided and she had a low raspy voice and would constantly talk out loud to herself in public while driving shopping etc., I believe her name was Gertrude. Well anyways I remember one day walking on the grassy area across the street from her house that was part of the park and she yelled at me to get off, telling me that I was walking on ancient Indian burial grounds. She said I was walking on their graves, that there was evidence to prove this and that I should get off of the grass because it was disrespectful. On my walks I would stop and sit on the bench directly across from her house and she would yell out the exact same thing to others walking on the grass. So I always wondered if their might be some truth to her claims… Anyone?



    jana- I remember both of them fondly. The guy on the bike – the story I heard is he was so devastated when his wife passed, he began to dress like her. Don’t know how much truth there is to that. Always used to see him at Lowman Beach Park.

    The other lady – we also used to park and sit across from her house to watch her yell at people! This was about in 1992.



    I’ve no axe to grind on the Rainbow House, but there’s more than one tale circulating about the house:


    The Rainbow House Of Seattle A True Story A Must Read!!!!

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    If you never heard the story of the rainbow house well here it is. In about 1970 a crazy mans daughter was tooken from him by the devil and the devil told him to paint the house any color in one night and so he painted the house and the next morning the crazy man and his neighbors were wondering how the house got painted like a rainbow when he painted only one color. In the front is like a rainbow an on the roof on the left side there is a letter A and the tiles are different colors and the back is the weirdest because it has little hypnotyzing paintings and it is said if you look at it for a long time they begin to spin and also at night in the back it you stare for a long time you begin to see the devils eyes and in the front above the door there is a plaqe that reads,”Have A Rainbow Day.” Well I went there on August 1,2000 and it was night and we(my sister,her boyfriend,brother,friend.)were all scared. We looked at the house and suddenly we seen the curtain open really wide,but the strangest part is nobody was there. Then about 2 weeks before I went My sisters friends went and they went at about 5:30 and they seen a lady in the back of the house who was the widow of the crazy man who died(and I do not know how)so my sisters friends knock on the door and she opened it and they asked if she could tell them the story/tale and she did and she also said that she lives alone,and that she see stuff flying around,and that she has no other relatives/family alive. So the next week my siters friends came back to give her candy for inviting them in and they knock on the door and a mysterious man answered the door and said that she was sick,but who was that mysteriuos man because the lady said that she lived alone and that had no relative/family that was living.



    Interesting find on Google




    jana…the bicycle guy is still around…I saw him on the bus aobut a month and a half ago coming from downtown….same wig, same clothes…I think maybe he’s had to retire the bike…he’s ancient…we always called him the he/she…strange fellow, for sure…



    Jana, when I first saw this post I first thought of the bicycle guy. I just saw him the other day walking away from Target.

    I remember one year the house next door to the Rainbow house came on the market. We didn’t look at it because we didn’t want our neighbor to be the rainbow house. LOL! I don’t know if I’d really care today.

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