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    Hello! A friend was supposed to watch my cat but backed out last minute, so I am desperately looking for someone (a cat lover) to watch Tubby (the cat) while I am away for a few months!

    Tubby is an extremely low maintenance cat who prefers to spend the majority of his days outside in the park. (Hence my preference for keeping him in west settle). He’s extremely friendly and comfortable around people, even with strangers.

    Because he spends his day outside you almost never need to change his litter, only to refill his food and water. He just needs a warm home base and friendly watchers! He is neutered and chipped and vaccinated, of course. And I will pay for his food and any vet bills, if any are needed.

    Please let me know if you or your neighbors are cat lovers who would open their home to a friendly cat!





    You do realize that you can’t just bring a cat to a new home and let it out? I am sorry your pet sitter backed out. You may want to consider having someone come to your home to care for kitty every few days, or even let the person stay at your home.



    My thoughts exactly. Taking a cat to a new home and letting it outside is often a recipe for disaster. It’s quite possible the cat would never be seen again. Allowing a cat to roam is risky enough (both for the cat and for wildlife) but changing an outdoor cat’s territory is not only disorienting, it exposes the animal to even more danger – including the hostility of already established feline residents in the neighborhood. I wish people who have outdoor cats would also consider the impact on human residents in the area, as they become de facto caretakers of your animals. The cats become a nuisance, whether the neighbors are cat lovers or not. I would second Mehud’s suggestion that you have someone trustworthy stay in your home to care for the cat.


    mark dierking

    Please call meat 206-384-9468 regarding Tubby.



    OK a few words from a cat rescue person in west seattle. Please for the love of the cat’s life. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT JUST GIVE YOUR CAT TO SOMEONE TO TAKE IT HOME AND SAY HERE YOU GO KITTY KITTY.

    I really don’t want to get a call, oh Tubby went missing. Dear god. I am sorry this borders on animal neglect and abuse.

    Feral cat assistance and trapping



    I agree with the others, just don’t leave Tubby with a stranger. They may be a perfectly reliable “stranger” but you just never know until it is too late.
    Pets are like children, they don’t ask to be brought into this world (household) you made their choice so it is your responsibility to take care of them and love them. If this was your child would you just leave them with someone you met on the internet for a month while you are away???

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